FAQs about Being a Triplet: You were always curious

24 Apr

So a couple of weeks ago in English class, the roll call question for that day was: What is the worst thing we have done to our siblings? My answer was the time that I knocked my sister’s baby tooth out with the back of a chair. We were playing a game with these giant arm chairs that we had in our living room. We no longer have those chairs not sure what happen to them. I think we were playing exploration and we were exploring the mountains. We would climb up the front part of the chair and then jump off the back. No idea where my parents were. From what I remember, my sister, Sarah and I were on the same chair and she went over the chair first, my footing was off and the chair fell forward and hit her in the jaw.

I just gave a brief summary of this story. So after we finished roll call questions and moved into the actually discussion for that day. Katherine turned to Lauren and asked if I was a twin. Katherine then mouthed across the room if I was a twin. In which I responded, “No, I am a triplet.” Then Katherine pointed across the room and announced to the whole class, “Rachel’s a triplet.” In which, then I confirmed the statement was true. Everyone got excited for a bit and then I got asked the five hundred questions that I am normally  asked. Which yes, it gets old after a while. Then we moved on with our lives, mostly my professor was like let’s move on.


Baccalaureate service at Austin High School (2011)
Taylor, ME, Elizabeth, Sarah (start from left)
All of us in our fancy graduation attire

Background Information

Not really sure how much background information is need because I do not really keep track of common questions that people ask. It is seconded natured, it is not something that I lose sleep over. I guess some family history on my other sisters.


Elizabeth studying hard for finals in high school.

Elizabeth (also known as Boo): The oldest, was referred to by our Grandmother as “the little dear”. Growing up she was the quiet one, even more quiet then I am. She is currently studying at the CIA (right now she is on externship in Williamsburg, VA.). By the end of it she should have a Bachelors of Science (?) in Baking and Pastry Arts. She also shares my love for coffee but loves the more fancy Starbucks drinks. She prefers more mystery novels, Terry Pratchett and Agatha Christie. She also loves Weathering Heights and Jane Austen. Elizabeth hates being touched or hugged/ loved on. I been pushed away a lot. Random Fact: She is deadly with a kitchen knife and can slice apples really thin. I also hit her in the head with a baseball bat on accident when we were six.


Sarah studying hard for a pre-cal test.

Sarah (Also known as Bitty, Bit or Bitty-Love): The middle one, who is also known as the editor or friend. Sarah is the social one and life revolves around people. If she is not doing something with somebody she is usually up to no good. Sarah is my consent cuddle buddy and loves giving hugs/ making people happy. She is at Texas A&M University (whoop!) where she is studying English Literature with a focus in children’s books and young adult fiction which means she gets to read all the cool fun books. She is also studying sociology. She loves reading (I think we all do), she loves anything by Jane Austen, Bronte, and everything that I do not like. She is active in her bible study group/ support group which I hear about all the time. She is also in the honors liberal arts program at A&M. She got to go to Vienna over spring break (super jealous). Random Fact: She edits all my papers and has a cool fish named Winston.

School LIfe

Sarah, Elizabeth, and I were in the same class till around 3rd grade and then Elizabeth and I were the same class. Then we were in different classes all throughout Elementary School. We went to public school and were always threaten with private school. We were always too established in our classes to make the change. In middle school, we had teams so one of us would always be on the same team. For example, if I was on B team with Sarah. Elizabeth would be on C team. In high school, we would all be in different classes there are very few teachers that can say they had the three of us: My sophomore English teacher,  my AP Macroeconomic teacher, and my AP US history/ Government teacher. The only think that I really love about having another sibling with the same teacher is that you can compare homework and talk about assignments together. Physics with Sarah was the best thing ever.


Elizabeth and her knife skills

We all have different interests, I feel like that was the most common question that i got asked was did we all do the same things? The answer to that was no. I was involved with Student Council, Photography club, and Orchestra. Sarah was involved in mostly dance, she is an excellent Ballet dancer. We both did yoga together. Elizabeth was involved with culinary arts mostly and had an internship working in a cafe at a church in Austin.

We are all different, as Elizabeth once told me, “I am your third, but I am still an individual.” We just happen to share a birthday and nothing more. We are close and often times huddle together. We keep each other’s council and fight like any other sibling. We are close because we have always been together,  Forever and always. I will always be my sister’s keeper.

Hands on a snowy day


New’s year with apple cider. Elizabeth being like “whatever, why am I here look”

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  1. Sara Katherine

    May 18, 2012 at 10:59 am

    Miss you! My Mom said y’all are all super cute ❤


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