Back home

09 May

I am back home and I am already planning adventures with people after I deal with Community College stuff. Something about being advised about my major. At this point in time, I have no idea what is going to happen in my life. I found out most of my grades this afternoon. They were not to bad, most of them were wishful thinking except for the fact that I am on probation and might lose my scholarship. Tuition went up and I cannot afford to go to Private University without this scholarship. My parents didn’t know that tuition went up until this afternoon. I might consider transferring but I have already made good connection within the community and have made great friends. I love my school so much.

Being home means that I have my books, tea, and coffee. I can start working on saving up for a new camera. My camera is about 7 years old. It started out as a family camera and over the years, I have been stuck with it. My sisters and I bought a new one about 4 years ago. Elizabeth got that one. Sarah recently as in last year got a new one. I think my parents paid for it. It’s nice, just a basic point and shoot camera.

I found my favorite book ever Never Let Me Go and then discovered Remains of the Day hidden away in my closet. Then I found Nocturnes, a collection of short stories, all by my favorite author Kazuo Ishiguro.

Favorite Quotes:

1. “What they said, Chrissie continued, ‘ was that if you were a boy and a girl, and you were in love with each other, really, properly in love, and you could show it, then the people who run Hailsham, they sorted it out for you. They sorted it out so you could have a few years together before you began your donations'” ( Never Let Me Go 153).

2. “We all know it. We’re modeled from trash. Junkies, prostates, winos, trumps. Convicts, maybe, just so long as they aren’t psychos. That’s what we come from. We all know it, so why don’t we say it? A woman like that? Come on. Yeah, right, Tommy. A bit of fun. Let’s have a bit of fun pretending. That other woman in there, her friend, the old one in the gallery. Art students, that’s what she thought we were. Do you think she’d have talked to us like that if she’s known what we really are. ‘Excuse me, but do you think your friend was ever a clone model?’ She’d have thrown us out. We know it, so we might as well just say it. IF you want to look for possibles, if you want to do it properly, then you look in the gutter. In the rubbish bins. Look down the toilet, that’s where you’ll find where we all came from” ( Never Let Me Go 166).

3. “The pier lights had been switched on and behind me a crowd of people have just given a loud cheer to greet this event. There is still plenty of daylight left-the sky over the sea has turned a pale red-but it would seem that all these people who have been gathering on this pier for the past half-hour are now willing night to fall. This confirms very aptly, I suppose, the point made by the man who until a little while ago was sitting here beside me on this bench, and which whom I had my curious discussion. His claim was that for a great many people, the evening was the yes part of the day, the part they must looked forward to. And as I say, there would appear to be some truth in this assertion, for why else would all these people give a spontaneous cheer simply because the pier lights have come on” (Remains of the Day 240)

A few favorite quotes, other then that I spent the day, fixing my iPod.

Strange times on the iPod.

I finally got community college stuff figured out. I am taking a chemistry class and a chemistry lab. I am using four of my transfer hours for the first part of the summer. I need to work on taking French.

I also had a very nice visit from an old friend. That I have not seen in over a year. John or Johnny-boy (as I like to call him) came from a visit. We talk on the phone. John goes to school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was dropping off some old pictures that he put on a CD for me. We went out for coffee which is always nice. Most of them were pictures from high school and my trip to Colorado last summer.


Water and Ice

Rocks in water

Portrait (Learning how to take a good picture)

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