Memories of Freshmen year

10 May

It’s scary when I look at Private University website and it tells me that I am a sophomore.

Sophomore in College

Here are some memories of Freshman year:

Line Camp 2011

I ran into one of the girls that was in my Line Camp group, right before I left for home. It was scary thinking that we met at Line Camp. This was the moment were I knew that I chose the right school. The note my Line Camp leader gave me:

Ravishing Rachel (Best Smiles… Heeeck Yeeeah!!!!)

Rachel, You’re such a strong and brave individual!!! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you this week! You’ve been such a dynamic individual and I can’t wait until you see how you grow in the next year!!! Your awesome!  Yours, Line Camp Leader

First College Football game (Fun memories after the game)

Welcome week and then later U1000 class

Note in picture says:

Rachel. Welcome to Welcome Week! We’d like to extend some hospitality to you with some delicious cookies! We;re really looking forward to meeting + spending time with you in our small group. See you @ Founders Mall @ 8.

Doubt By: Patrick John Shanley

He signed my book

Here is to some good lectures that I attended this past year. This that I learned from lectures, the titles can be misleading (Middle-Eastern Lecture), the English department always has the best lectures and poetry festival. Never wait to get a ticket when an important person comes to campus, missed out on a good one.

Publications from the English department

Have you visited the library today?

Learn how to take the bus

They Say/ I Say and old papers

In order to be successful in college, you need a good English professor. I was very lucky to have the professor that I did. I was challenged and pushed in my writing. Considering that  I never really liked English in high school. I am glad that I took the classes that I did. I met my best friend in my English classes.

Good friends

Part of the group (me and michael) (missing SK and Caitlin)

Who knew that lunch and English class would turn into a friend group. That would road trip to College Station, the night before a Religion test. Who would help make a young man from Colorado a scrapbook for his girlfriend back home. Who would I do crazy things at night with such as fountain running and climbing up on the statue at campus. Even watching the English building getting broken into. Friends get you through the hard times.

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One response to “Memories of Freshmen year

  1. Sara Katherine

    May 12, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Love, love, love this post! I love it when you post pictures! I wish you nothing but the best Rachel. I’m so blessed to have met you! Three here’s for blogs, friends, and freshman year!


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