High Society Tea

12 May

Every Mother’s Day at my church or the saturday before Mother’s Day. A group at my church, I like to call them the High Society Tea Ladies ( that’s not really their name but I think it sounds classy)  put on a Brunch/ Tea for the mother and daughter’s of the church. This years theme was dolls. Dressed in my taking Brunch/Tea dress, my sister and I went and had brunch with our mother plus the other society ladies and their daughters. We hosted a table, which turned out really nice.

The theme was dolls so a few people had gotten up to talk about the history of dolls and different dolls. Somebody had brought in their collection of Victorian dolls dressed in French Revolution attire (think Marie Antoinette). Then there was this one that was a baby doll and looked like a real newborn baby. I thought it was real at one point.

I brought my American girl doll that I have had since I was really young.

American Girl Doll

Photos of what our table looked like, I was unable to take any pictures of the actually event. My camera decided that it now hates low light things and close ups. I added that to my project to do list of things to practice.

Flowers, experimenting with editing

Place Setting

More flowers

Working on angles

The whole time I was thinking about ways that we tell stories with the idea of them being told through spoken word. This idea lead me to why we might have memories. Story aids in our memories about a certain event. They keep them fresh and make us remember the good times or bad times. By telling stories we are able, as human beings, to portray what life is like in order to have hope for the future.

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