A Simple Life

17 May

I feel like I spend most of my time moving stuff around. Rearranging things, organizing, and making them look better. Today was the day that I ran into people from high school. The people that I never talked to but shared classes with, mostly regulars pre-cal. One of them remembered me, mostly because I was the one tutored her throughout the fall of my senior year. I have no idea what her name is but she had changed so much. She looked more adult, while I still get mistaken for a thirteen year old. She works at Starbucks near my house. I was going in for my usual afternoon drink. To be honest, I have not been to Starbucks since I got out of school.

I came home after dropping off another job application. This one was simple, surprisingly no references were needed or resume. Just a simple when can you work and how many hours. Hopefully, it will not get lost in the sea of other hopeful college applicants.

I went running today, first time in over a month. I am planning on going for a walk sometime this weekend and with a reminder to bring my camera. My stomach has been hurting quite a bit since coming home. I started drinking a new tea that has oranges in it. Oranges= slightly toxic, it could just be a phase that I am going through.

This is where I will say, that right now I live a simple life. No demands except for the simple cleaning that I do each day, dishes, and other tasks that I normally complete while at home. I have discovered time for reading, researching on Never Let Me Go and my secret research project. A hot shower and tea mark the end of the day.

School starts again in a few weeks and my sister leaves for the job at camp on Sunday. I am looking forward to my chemistry class and I am ready to go back to school.

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