Define: Home

28 May

What defines a home? According to Google, home as a noun is a place where one lives permanently, esp. as a member of a family or household. As an adjective home means relating to the place where one lives: “your home address”. I feel like these definitions are too vague.

What is home to me? Home is a lot of places. The place where I am now is home, the house on Dixon Street, is where I permanently live. Room 646 was home, it was first place that I lived on my own. I have memories of trying to cook eggs in the microwave, failed craft projects, homework, tears, frustrations, where I wrote my papers, read books, listened to music, and dealt with the ever problem of the red ballon. I learned how to share a space with somebody else, how to trust somebody that I did not really know well, and think about hard issues.

Home over the years has been many places. Home started out in the first house we lived in, which was the house on Valley Street. It was a house that my parents built and it was the house that had the best porch ever. We moved when I was in the second grade to the house on Dixon Street. I remembered when we first moved being excited about stairs, the fish pond, a playroom, and the gazebo with the hot tub. This house has been where I have grown up and tried to figure out life. I have spent many nights trying to figure out what am I suppose to do with my life, telling stories to help me sleep, and sneaking the flashlight under the covers to finish a good book. This house is where everyone is, where my sisters and I seem to meet up. The common location.

Home could also be in California where my cousins lived for a short period of time. My family use to visit two or three times a year before we started school and before my cousins moved overseas. It was the house that I was afraid of mostly because I rolled down the stairs when I was five and hit the back of my head on the wood floors. I was also afraid of my Aunt and Uncle’s dog.

Is home the people or is it the physical properties that make up a home? Such this blanket that I am huddled under, the chairs in the playroom, or my room. Is home where my parents are or my apartment next year with roommates I don’t know? Where is home? What is home?


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One response to “Define: Home

  1. Clouds N Cups

    May 28, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    We will say “I’m HOME!” only when there are loved ones in the HOUSE. This is how I differentiate the two words. Cheers!!


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