A Weekend in the Life

02 Jun

On Thursday, people in my chemistry class did not want to buy the lab manual that we need for lab which is about $60. My response get over and buy the lab manual. My neuroscience workbook was $64, get over it. So, I offered to make copies for four people for $20 per packet.

The four packets

This is what the final product looked like. If your a teacher or professor, how do you do it? It took like four hours to copy, print, staple, and sticky note all the packets and with what lab the worksheets were for. Passed them out on Friday and made some money.

Friday Lunch

Since lab runs late till about 2:50 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I pack my lunch. Yes, I am eating a sad looking Turkey and Cheese sandwich.

Long Roads

Friday afternoon, I drove to Kerrville, TX to pick up my sister from camp with my mom. We talked about a lot of things like how I think that my parents need to get a pet, mostly a cat. So, I have something to cuddle with.


I went to this camp when I was younger. My sister works there as a cabin leader. We were picking her up for the weekend.

The field

I miss the days of running through this field. The days were everything was so simple. I played games, walked to the outdoor chapel, had a bible study, and had some good childhood memories.

The Porch

So, we had to wait for Sarah to get done with training so we ended up coming to sit on the porch by camp store. It was nice, maybe this is why I love porches so much. The cabins are new. Good memories of eating snow cones and candy while waiting to get mail from home or care packages. Lazy afternoons when we had down time were spent on this porch with a book or reading bible scriptures. I remember one time during a bible study my group tried to find an interesting bible verse or something that you would not except to be in the Bible on this porch.

Les Miserables

The whole reason why Sarah came home. We got to Les Miserables today. Terrible picture but if you can’t read the bottom it says: Victor Hugo (the guy who wrote the book).

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