Telling Stories with Sherlock (BBC style)

09 Jun

 I can open any door, anywhere with a few tiny lines of computer code. No such thing as a private bank account now. All are mine. No such thing as secrecy. I OWN secrecy. Nuclear codes? I could blow up NATO in alphabetical order. In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king. And honey, you should see me in a crown. (Jim Moriarty)

You … you told me once that you weren’t a hero. Umm… There were times when I didn’t even think you were human, but let me tell you this. You were the best man, the most human … human being that I’ve ever known and no one will ever convince me that you told me a lie, and so … there. I was so alone … and I owe you so much. But please, there’s just one more thing, one more thing, one more miracle , Sherlock, for me, don’t be … dead. Would you do that just for me? Just stop it. Stop this! (John Watson)

My brother has the brain of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart? (Mycroft Holmes)

John Watson: You serious?

Sherlock Holmes: It’s this or Cluedo.

John Watson: Ah, no. We are never playing that again.

Sherlock Holmes: Why not?

John Watson: Because it’s not actually possible for the victim to have done it, Sherlock, that’s why!

Sherlock Holmes: It was the only possible solution!

John Watson: It’s not in the rules.

Sherlock Holmes: Well then the rules are wrong!

My family has an obsession with the BBC when it comes to television. Personally, I prefer British shows over American ones. I watch both, I could never give up The Office or The Big Bang Theory. My favorite nights are when I lie in bed and watch Masterpiece Theatre or when I am at home getting to watch BBC America. My mom and I recently finished watching Season Two of Sherlock, a modern version of the Sherlock Holmes stories. I have never read the books, I am not a big fan of mystery stories but I love watching it on the Telly.

This got me to thinking about why do we tell mystery stories or detective stories? Do we enjoy the thrill of following the case and hearing the detective thoughts throughout the case? Can we somewhat relate to the characters? For example, can we look at John and understand his frustrations with Sherlock. Does Sherlock provide us with life lessons such as thinking outside of the box or that problems can be solved in many different ways? Does Sherlock also teach us about friendship and love?

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