Goals for this next school year

17 Jul

List of Goals for this coming year of college.

1. Get over this shy business 

I really need to get over being shy. I keep telling myself to get over it. I have always had my sisters around, so I never really had trouble in social situations because I always had somebody to talk to. Coming to college, freshmen year, I was really excited because I figured there would be lots people like me. Who didn’t go out and party all the time on the weekends or sat around and talked, went to movies, etc. I found that but I want to branch out more. In a way, this prevented me from rushing Camber and joining clubs. I just felt I didn’t fit in or people knew each other in clubs I wanted to join, which made it unconvertible.

2. Put your self out there and join a club

I had a very strong close group of friends freshmen year. I had other friends that I was not as close to but I felt like because I had this really close group of friends that I didn’t need to really get to know anyone else. I did meet people but I just never felt like I should form a friendship or hang out with them.  I don’t have to be best friends with everyone. Maybe a goal should introduce myself to someone new on the first day. I was involved with stuff but I felt like it was mostly academic stuff. There are days when I need to study, like test days or days when I just feel like writing papers. Working on balancing school and club/ hanging out with people, etc. I am hoping since I have mostly morning classes. I can do a lot more studying in the afternoon then in the evening thus I don’t feel bad if I go to something and nothing got done. Also, I am hoping because I am living in an apartment. I can separate school from home. I feel like I ate a lot of meals in my room, even though I ate with friends a lot. Separating everything will be good such as having a place to have meals and a completely separate space where I study and sleep.

3. Finding a Church

In a perfect world, I would have already found a Lutheran church within walking distance to campus or a ride. I won’t be getting a car this year. I love the Lutheran church because that is what I have grown up in and it feels right. The Lutheran churches in Collegetown did not feel right. I felt like I did not have much of a choice, there were only three. I went to all three. It didn’t feel right. I went to other churches and they felt ok except that I was not really open about finding different church of a different domination. Lately, I become more interested in maybe finding a church outside of the Lutheran church. Mostly because my home church is having some problems. I have a options that are close to campus that I think I am going to try out and see if I like one. I think a friend is still looking a church, we could go  together or do our own thing.

4. Apartment time

I am super over-prepared for life. I have a million different ideas for my room,  I am so excited. I did a new crafting project yesterday. Pictures and directions are coming soon. I talked to two of the three roommates that I am going to be living with and I am really excited to meet them. I feel like we have a lot of different interest and involved with different things. I honestly don’t except to see them around much. I plan on making a list on what everyone is bringing. I feel like in somebody brings the same thing or multiple of the same item. It’s not that big of deal. I am just super excited.

5. Academics/ Job

Finding a balance between school, work, and fun time is something I need to work on. Being organized is the way to do that. Sure, Pinterest and Facebook are fun but school is a little bit more important. Considering those grades need to go up. Exciting news, I have a job interview on the first day of school, after all my classes are done. I have been practicing with my dad on interviewing. He used to help with hiring in the company that he worked for. That has been really helpful. I am also planning to have some more people look at my resume. I feel like it’s not very good. I have a few people in mind might be able to help or the career center.

6.  Major/ Minor stuff

It’s official, my parents are ok with everything now about my major. I think I am going to try and meet with an advisor maybe the 2nd or 3rd week of school. I think I am going to major in Anthropology with a minor in Middle-East Studies. Still debating if I want to minor in English.

7. Research update

I am combining another book with Never Let Me G0. Taking a break from Why we tell stories? research.

8. Other fun things that have happened this summer

I went out to breakfast the other day with my sister and a really good high school friend. Hung out with people the other day, went out to coffee. A lot of people are coming back from camp jobs that they had and summer classes are finishing up. It’s awesome.

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One response to “Goals for this next school year

  1. JabberJ

    July 17, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    I am also looking forward to the new school year! This is the perfect time to sit down and make some goals for the upcoming year! I love how you are branching out in every aspect of your life and not just the academic stuff!


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