Yoga and Crafting with Rachel part 4

29 Jul

For the past three or four weeks, I have been going to yoga class and I love it. I have been going about twice a week. My mom was thinking about doing yoga, went, and signed up to try a class and end up not liking it. The yoga studio that I have been doing yoga at has a family pack which has 20 classes. I think I have around 10 classes left on it. I usually take a class on wednesday and it’s called Hatha Star. We work on different poses and on learning how to correctly do the pose and what parts of the body it works. It is more of an intro. class but it’s helping a lot with flexibility. We spent the last class working on pidgin pose which stretches your hip flexors and worked on different modifications of the pose. On fridays or saturdays, I have my gentle yoga class which is a breathing class and it is more of a meditation type class. We do basic twist and some warrior poses. There is a lot of older people in that class. That helps a lot with stretching out my knee muscles.

I did this craft a while ago but inspiration came from this picture from pinterest:

This had two of my favorite things Mumford and Sons and one of my favorite lyrics.  I decided to do two, one with Coldplay lyrics and one with Mumford lyrics.

Make a grid on the canvas was a mistake/ I can’t draw well

“Lights will guide you home and ingrate your bones”- Coldplay
Words to live by

This one really did not turn out. I think that I am just going to keep that one in ATX. You have permission to judge the “h” in home.

“Lead me to the Truth and I will Follow You with my Whole Heart”- Mumford and Sons, more words to live by.

Overall, I would recommend not using stickers. They work well when they are taken off but are hard to paint over and use darker paint. I would recommend up and down strokes when painting and opposite any stickers that try to peel off.


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3 responses to “Yoga and Crafting with Rachel part 4

  1. JabberJ

    August 14, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    I was inspired by your post to take up yoga (which I have yet to try, I’m hoping to get into it to use as credit for a gym class) as well as to try out the craft that you did. I forgot I saw it on here and found something similar on pinterest so I kind of combined the two together to make what I did. I took scrapbook paper (pink print) and Mod Podged it onto a canvas and then took vinyl letters (found in the drafting and lettering section of my local craft store) and after the Mod Podged paper was secure on the canvas and dry used the letters to spell out some lyrics to my favorite song (currently Dancing Nancies by Dave Matthews Band). I then took some black acrylic paint and a sponge brush and dabbed it over everything which gave it a nice worn texture (you could still see pink pattern in some places but it was completely covered in black) I waited for the paint to dry and peeled off the letters and its basically exactly like your project. The vinyl letters peel and reposition easily, so I would recommend them if you plan on doing this in the future!

  2. Rachel

    August 14, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    Yay for yoga, I love going. The problem at my school all the yoga classes fill up fast. The yoga professor is super chill that is why everyone takes it and an easy A. You could also check out the rec. center on campus and see if they offer classes. Most colleges do because it helps de-stress students and gives then a place to relax. Thanks for the craft advice.

  3. JabberJ

    August 16, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    That is a great idea! Unfortunately for me they offer Zumba (which I love) and hard core abs buns and thighs (which is really really really hard) I’m going to have to cross my fingers for a great registration time and try to get into a yoga class for next semester!


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