Trip to Half-Price books/ Why This Day Started Awesome and Then Sucked

14 Aug

It’s that time of year again, buying textbooks. After having a wonderful breakfast with some old high school friends at Kerbey Lane. I had chocolate coffee and the Kerbey scramble (scrambled eggs with veggies with toast and fresh fruit on the side, yummy!)

My sister and I decided since I needed to pick up a few books for school. We made our way down to Half-Price books. I got in line to sell my books and dropped those off at the front counter. I was wondering around looking for books that I need for my English class and my Anthropology class. I start looking around and found two of the ones I need for English. Since, I could not find the last book. I added it to my Chegg’s list. Then I start looking for the Anthropology books. Which I am really excited for. The first one is called: Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches. Just the name itself sound really interesting. I really wanted to start reading it before school start. I was thinking that it was in the Religion section which is divided up into five different sections. I was thinking religious controversy or religious commentary. It was not there. I went over to the Anthropology section and looked for it. It was not there. I was like whatever.

The second book I was looking was called How about Demons?, I asked the person at the front for help and she was quite concern on what kind of school I went to. What was really bothering me is that, she kept pushing to order it and I was like I can just get it from the bookstore (really meaning Chegg’s). It was the most frustrated I have every felt in a bookstore.

I also feel like Half-Price books is ripping people off. Sure, I don’t really know how a business runs but the 20 0r so books that I sold where worth more then $12.00. I used that money to pay for the two books I was getting for my English class.

I am super frustrated with my sister. I am sick of her northern attitude that she has brought back. She has been back a week and a half. Sure, she is on vacation but she needs to help out more. First of all, she needs to clean not just her room but the bathroom. That I share with her. I have been nagging her for the last week to clean it. It’s gross, I cleaned it right before she got back. Now it is back to being gross. She just doesn’t care at all. Usually, we clean the bathroom once a week alternating weeks. I did the week, she was suppose to do it, two weekends ago. Last weekend, was her weekend and nothing got done. She kept saying, “I will clean it before [fill in the blank]. Her room is the same way. Sure, I really hate unpacking and packing. It’s not that hard to do. Turn on some music and jam out while doing some cleaning. Make up a dance routine while putting stuff away or make fun of the British accent on that audiobook. Cleaning is not that hard people, so do it. A clean space is a happy space.

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