Figuring out my Life

27 Aug

Storytelling was almost, but not quite, enough to enshrine the life that was about to drain away into memory.

It is that time of the year again, time for advisement. Homework completed rock that political science, girlfriend. I was peacefully reading my book. My friend called me to tell me that if I wanted to change my major I would have to do it now. I pull up the forms not thinking much about it. I have a plan of action. As I am feeling out this form, I get this strange feeling in my stomach, the anxiety of what the heck I am I doing. What am I doing. I have no idea. I am terrified, scared, and uncertain. I decided that sometimes it helps if I step back, do my yoga breathing and just chill. I decide that I am hungry it’s around 5:00. I have been hungry all day so I walk over to one of the dinning halls swipe and eat. I come back to my room and sit down at my computer and work on other things. It’s around 6:00, I am looking back at this form, this form that is going to change my life. I feel trapped like I cannot breathe. I decided to go for a walk, clear my head. Enjoy, the outdoors. Here is what I saw on my walk.

Stairs to apartment


More light in the Quad

My Swing

View from my swing

If only life could be as simple as a bear

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