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Being home

Being home was great, I got a lot done. I got my glasses fixed, from when I knocked the lens out almost a month ago, I ordered my new phone, went to gentle yoga class and drank yogi tea, hung out with my dad, laid on my bed and enjoyed the moment of just being, going to my home church, and so much more.

It was a good break from school and relaxing just to have some lazy saturdays. My dad and I watched a ton of movies and just laid around the house. We ate out a lot. Friday dinner and Saturday lunch were lets go to Whole Foods or Central market and get something healthy. Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch, we went out. We had some good conversations and just chatted about some many different things.

Interesting fact that I learned about my dad was that he was a TA when he was working on his PH.D. We were talking about student athletes and my dad was talking about how the tutors always had to call him to get assignments for students in track & field. So my dad was a professor (?), he went on to say that he taught a few intro. class for psychology. Something that I didn’t even know. I also ask the question if he remembers any of his students when he talks about teaching high school. He always says, no.

It was just a really good weekend, despite the rain.

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Sitting in Gardens

Emerson once wrote, “Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.”

Robert Browning also wrote, “O world, as God has made it! All is beauty: And knowing this, is love, and love is duty.”

Today I found beauty in just sitting, with a friend in silence and watching the world from the inside of a garden.

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Headaches and School

After lunch today and settling back in after church. I was drinking some of my lemonade that I have been saving for a while now. I noticed a headache coming on. I noticed it yesterday as well. I am not sure if it is a sinus issue or what is going on. I starting to have headaches starting around 1, in the afternoon, till about 9-10 at night. Not really sure, if I should be concerned or not. It could just be that I am tried. I have been keeping strange hours again on the weekends, 2:30 am- 8 am. My school routine is a little more set. The headaches could just be a change in season or a sinus issue.

After being very successful on my two test this week both of them very high B+ almost an A. So close, yet so far away. I have two coming up this week. I am little nervous about my RMW (religion, magic, and witchcraft) or Anthropology of Religion test on Tuesday. My professor does not like my writing style at all. I know that it can be a little shaky and not clear at times. Transitions are still extremely weak, but it is something that I am working on. I just really wish that the test would be multiple choice, true/false, or even matching, just not short answer. Even though, I tend to score higher on short answer test. I would really prefer some options.

I also have a political science test on Thursday, I know that one is going to be the killer test. I have been learning a lot in that class, so I am very happy. I have been doing very well. I think I have scored above a 70 on all of the quizzes. I am feeling hopefully and not as anxious.

The next week, I have a American Lit. midterm. Which I like whatever, I know I am going to do fine. I have been doing well on all the quizzes and I am not really worried. I just have to review the books that we have read stuff like that. The way the class is structured is different from FAS and Thinking, Writing, and Research. I also don’t like it but like it at the same time. Maybe it is because we don’t sit in a circle/square formation because we have to move the desk each time. I don’t really like my group that much. I like the people but they are not really interested in discussion and sometimes I am really excited to discuss and other times I like whatever. I don’t really know.

That’s my life right now.


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Telling Stories with: Death Comes for the Archbishop, by: Willa Cather

We have finished Death Comes for the Archbishop in English class today. We spent sometime talking about death and if Bishop Latour died well. My professor said something that really struck me.

To die well is a beautiful thing.

At the end of the novel, Bishop Latour who is know an Archbishop dies. The title suggest it that there is going to be a death at the end of the novel. It was really depressing and sad. Today’s discussion, I just wanted to listen and I was waiting to be called on to talk.

Bishop Latour was prepared for death and was ready for it. He was in good standing with the church and he had accomplished so much in his life. In the novel, his final memory is of a friend and trying to comfort him. I was right (see yesterday’s post). 

So much of Bishop Latour friendship with Vaillant reminds me of my relationship with my best friend. She is always introducing me to new people. I am the quiet one, the one who remains standing still. Latour in french means the tower, while Vaillant means brave.

My professor was also asking question based of the two books that we have read. Why do we read literature and what importance does it have within our society? Is it important to be be a good Catholic/ Christian over being a good American?

Posted by another student during context presentations, Do you think we see problems in our churches today that mirror the problems Latour faced with he first arrived to New Mexico?

“Death Comes for the Archbishop remains the one important work of American literature within the church, though nearly everywhere else occluded from our imaginative version, clearly, and [redemptively] emerges.” -Ralph Wood

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The musing of a College Student

Here’s to life

Cup of tea

I finished Death Comes for the Archbishop, I loved the ending I thought that it was sweet and reminded me so much of my Grandpa. It took a lot of will power today in the English Building not to cry. When Bishop Latour is saying good-bye to Father Vaillient. It was such a beautiful moment among two really good friends.

He knelt, and Father Vaillent, having blessed him, knelt and was blessed in turn. They embraced each other for the past-for the future (260).

So I am not sure if I am right in my analysis/ answering the last question. The final memory that Archbishop Latour has is of  Vaillent standing in the fields of France and Latour is trying to comfort him.

I thought the ending was well-written, it was just beautiful ending but the book was a little boring. Just a little because there was no plot or really much to it. It was just the story of a Bishop and his Vicar. It was simple but also had some good meaning about life, in general. Just a thought. I also have learned a lot about Catholicism, which is really interesting.

In other news, it has been a tiring day two test and a ton of homework. The club that I am a part of that meets on Wednesday. Is every other week, so I had this week off. Which was good because I went and worked out. Which I am terrible at working out. I was on the treadmill for about thirty mins. It was my first time ever on the treadmill, I just powered walked it because I was afraid of running. I might bring my book next time to read.

I am trying to work on theatre homework but I am lacking motivation at this point. I have studied for my political science quiz and I am ready for bed.

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It’s a Grilled Cheese Kind of Day

All during my American Lit. class it was raining and thundering. Both things I hate, I hate the sound of thunder and lighting. I remember when I was younger, I would cry every time it rained. Today was one of those days where I was ready to leave at the end of class.

I came home and was debating if I wanted to use my last meal swipe ( I get three meals a week). I woke up this morning and half the bread that I had gotten on Monday was gone. I still had some left in another bag, that I have been eating out of this whole week. I am hiding the remained of my bread in my pantry. I am ok with my roommate eating my food but when it comes to the loaf of bread that I buy to last two weeks. We are good about sharing and replacing stuff in the kitchen. I honestly don’t mind. I might have to make a trip to the grocery store sometime next week because I am running low on veggies and fruit. I am not sure yet. I still have penalty of food to last for two more weeks, maybe more but still. I eat bread like crazy.

Today was on of those days where I wanted a Grilled Cheese sandwich and added some turkey, for the protein. I also made a cup of tea. I am about to enjoy some English tea cookies. Since turkey is the only red meat that I eat. I eat chicken a lot and make amazing bake chicken, that is really common in my diet along with pasta.

It’s a thursday and I am done with classes. Watching Downton Abbey for the first time tonight. I am not sure if I am going to go. Here’s to a quiet Thursday afternoon.

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Define: Religious Vision

I feel like I write a lot about my English class. I really do like it, a lot. It is an interesting class, the reading questions are a little annoying but other then that I find that they help me focus on the novel. The theme for my class is how does religion shape America. I feel like all we do is talk about religious visions of a novel, short story, and poem. We finally got a definition for what Religious Visions could mean or what my professor means when he says, what is the religious vision of this work/person.

The other question that was posted under this chart (Sorry, that it is backwards) is, according to Paul Tillich, faith is more then your “ultimate concern” and that religion is that which gives life to “transcendent experience”


What is the meaning of life in the “transcendent experience”? 

Is faith more then your “ultimate concern”? 


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