It’s a Grilled Cheese Kind of Day

13 Sep

All during my American Lit. class it was raining and thundering. Both things I hate, I hate the sound of thunder and lighting. I remember when I was younger, I would cry every time it rained. Today was one of those days where I was ready to leave at the end of class.

I came home and was debating if I wanted to use my last meal swipe ( I get three meals a week). I woke up this morning and half the bread that I had gotten on Monday was gone. I still had some left in another bag, that I have been eating out of this whole week. I am hiding the remained of my bread in my pantry. I am ok with my roommate eating my food but when it comes to the loaf of bread that I buy to last two weeks. We are good about sharing and replacing stuff in the kitchen. I honestly don’t mind. I might have to make a trip to the grocery store sometime next week because I am running low on veggies and fruit. I am not sure yet. I still have penalty of food to last for two more weeks, maybe more but still. I eat bread like crazy.

Today was on of those days where I wanted a Grilled Cheese sandwich and added some turkey, for the protein. I also made a cup of tea. I am about to enjoy some English tea cookies. Since turkey is the only red meat that I eat. I eat chicken a lot and make amazing bake chicken, that is really common in my diet along with pasta.

It’s a thursday and I am done with classes. Watching Downton Abbey for the first time tonight. I am not sure if I am going to go. Here’s to a quiet Thursday afternoon.

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