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19 Sep

Here’s to life

Cup of tea

I finished Death Comes for the Archbishop, I loved the ending I thought that it was sweet and reminded me so much of my Grandpa. It took a lot of will power today in the English Building not to cry. When Bishop Latour is saying good-bye to Father Vaillient. It was such a beautiful moment among two really good friends.

He knelt, and Father Vaillent, having blessed him, knelt and was blessed in turn. They embraced each other for the past-for the future (260).

So I am not sure if I am right in my analysis/ answering the last question. The final memory that Archbishop Latour has is of  Vaillent standing in the fields of France and Latour is trying to comfort him.

I thought the ending was well-written, it was just beautiful ending but the book was a little boring. Just a little because there was no plot or really much to it. It was just the story of a Bishop and his Vicar. It was simple but also had some good meaning about life, in general. Just a thought. I also have learned a lot about Catholicism, which is really interesting.

In other news, it has been a tiring day two test and a ton of homework. The club that I am a part of that meets on Wednesday. Is every other week, so I had this week off. Which was good because I went and worked out. Which I am terrible at working out. I was on the treadmill for about thirty mins. It was my first time ever on the treadmill, I just powered walked it because I was afraid of running. I might bring my book next time to read.

I am trying to work on theatre homework but I am lacking motivation at this point. I have studied for my political science quiz and I am ready for bed.

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