Telling Stories with: Death Comes for the Archbishop, by: Willa Cather

20 Sep

We have finished Death Comes for the Archbishop in English class today. We spent sometime talking about death and if Bishop Latour died well. My professor said something that really struck me.

To die well is a beautiful thing.

At the end of the novel, Bishop Latour who is know an Archbishop dies. The title suggest it that there is going to be a death at the end of the novel. It was really depressing and sad. Today’s discussion, I just wanted to listen and I was waiting to be called on to talk.

Bishop Latour was prepared for death and was ready for it. He was in good standing with the church and he had accomplished so much in his life. In the novel, his final memory is of a friend and trying to comfort him. I was right (see yesterday’s post). 

So much of Bishop Latour friendship with Vaillant reminds me of my relationship with my best friend. She is always introducing me to new people. I am the quiet one, the one who remains standing still. Latour in french means the tower, while Vaillant means brave.

My professor was also asking question based of the two books that we have read. Why do we read literature and what importance does it have within our society? Is it important to be be a good Catholic/ Christian over being a good American?

Posted by another student during context presentations, Do you think we see problems in our churches today that mirror the problems Latour faced with he first arrived to New Mexico?

“Death Comes for the Archbishop remains the one important work of American literature within the church, though nearly everywhere else occluded from our imaginative version, clearly, and [redemptively] emerges.” -Ralph Wood

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