Headaches and School

23 Sep

After lunch today and settling back in after church. I was drinking some of my lemonade that I have been saving for a while now. I noticed a headache coming on. I noticed it yesterday as well. I am not sure if it is a sinus issue or what is going on. I starting to have headaches starting around 1, in the afternoon, till about 9-10 at night. Not really sure, if I should be concerned or not. It could just be that I am tried. I have been keeping strange hours again on the weekends, 2:30 am- 8 am. My school routine is a little more set. The headaches could just be a change in season or a sinus issue.

After being very successful on my two test this week both of them very high B+ almost an A. So close, yet so far away. I have two coming up this week. I am little nervous about my RMW (religion, magic, and witchcraft) or Anthropology of Religion test on Tuesday. My professor does not like my writing style at all. I know that it can be a little shaky and not clear at times. Transitions are still extremely weak, but it is something that I am working on. I just really wish that the test would be multiple choice, true/false, or even matching, just not short answer. Even though, I tend to score higher on short answer test. I would really prefer some options.

I also have a political science test on Thursday, I know that one is going to be the killer test. I have been learning a lot in that class, so I am very happy. I have been doing very well. I think I have scored above a 70 on all of the quizzes. I am feeling hopefully and not as anxious.

The next week, I have a American Lit. midterm. Which I like whatever, I know I am going to do fine. I have been doing well on all the quizzes and I am not really worried. I just have to review the books that we have read stuff like that. The way the class is structured is different from FAS and Thinking, Writing, and Research. I also don’t like it but like it at the same time. Maybe it is because we don’t sit in a circle/square formation because we have to move the desk each time. I don’t really like my group that much. I like the people but they are not really interested in discussion and sometimes I am really excited to discuss and other times I like whatever. I don’t really know.

That’s my life right now.


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