Being home

30 Sep

Being home was great, I got a lot done. I got my glasses fixed, from when I knocked the lens out almost a month ago, I ordered my new phone, went to gentle yoga class and drank yogi tea, hung out with my dad, laid on my bed and enjoyed the moment of just being, going to my home church, and so much more.

It was a good break from school and relaxing just to have some lazy saturdays. My dad and I watched a ton of movies and just laid around the house. We ate out a lot. Friday dinner and Saturday lunch were lets go to Whole Foods or Central market and get something healthy. Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch, we went out. We had some good conversations and just chatted about some many different things.

Interesting fact that I learned about my dad was that he was a TA when he was working on his PH.D. We were talking about student athletes and my dad was talking about how the tutors always had to call him to get assignments for students in track & field. So my dad was a professor (?), he went on to say that he taught a few intro. class for psychology. Something that I didn’t even know. I also ask the question if he remembers any of his students when he talks about teaching high school. He always says, no.

It was just a really good weekend, despite the rain.

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