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Take a deep Breath and Breathe

Literally that is what I need to do, is to breathe.

So, today I had bike problems like serious bike problems. The brake for my back tire broke and I spent about 15 mins. in front of the English building trying to fix it. I was able to figure out the problem and can fix it myself hopefully. My mom is coming this weekend so if necessary she can drive me over to the bike shop. I would rather that be a worst case situation.

Bike Problems

Good news is that I am passing Political Science, with a 70 but there is still hope that I can shoot for a B. It took me three weeks to get it to passing. Big quiz on Thursday, test next Tuesday. I am going to rock it, time to hit the books hard.

This week


Next Week

I also started to work on my paper for English class that is 5 weeks away from being due. Considering, I am shooting for next thursday to have my outline finished. I am not really sure what to write about. The prompt being “What is the proper role of religion in American life?” I am not really sure if I have an answer to that yet. I was thinking about writing about family life and how that plays an important role in religious life/ religion but what about Death Comes for the Archbishop. I will continue to give it some thought.

In other news, I am in love with my new phone. It has not left my sight and side for more then 15 mins. and I have a bad habitat already about pulling it out in my classes, just to sit on my desk to make sure that it is ok. It’s a phone. Right now it is loading BlackBoard for me. I listen to music everywhere I go when I am done with classes.

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New Phone

I have entered the world of Smart Phones and I am loving it. Basically, I have been laying around trying to read for RMW but Pandora has taken over my life.

First Instagram photo

Hanging out with Mumford and Sons

The new headphones that came with my phone are a little strange and taking some time to get use to. Everything sounds more clear. I did noticed that since it fits right into the ear, I cannot have the music turned up to loud. I think my ears might be a little sensitive to loud noises.

It has been a really good lazy Saturday morning beside the whole fire alarm going off because some idiot pulled the fire alarm. I had to run back inside to turn off my tea kettle, I could hear it going off from outside my room. The water was still hot when I got back inside 15 mins. later. I was then able to grab a hoodie but some how figured shoes were not that important. I was outside for about 30 mins. in the cold. I got in trouble with the person at the front desk because I asked if I could go get my jacket and turn off my stove.  I was in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Considering I was in the lobby because I was taking out the recycle. I was more concerned about my computer and new phone that I left inside my apartment.

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On Granola Bars and Tea

So, today has been a strange day. It was the first time that I got upset during an English class. Some how I am good at controlling my emotions and kept my thoughts to myself. After reflecting on my ideas and thoughts, I realized that I was wrong to say the things that I said to my friend about what we are learning about in class.

Granola and Tea

Since, I don’t have class tomorrow an extra fall break for Rachel. Here is my recipe for my favorite Chai Tea Latte (Iced):

1. Gather Ingredients 

You will need Organic Chai (spiced black tea, Starbucks Tazo) , Soy milk, and Ice



Milk or use milk of your choice


2. Place Ice into your mug of choice 

3. Place soy milk (or your choice of milk)  into mug with ice filling about a third of the way full

4. Place mug into freezer 

5. Heat water for about a minute (if using a kettle before it starts to boil) 

6. Pour water in a separate cup and place tea bag into this cup

7. Steep for 5 mins. and contemplate your favorite eternal mysteries 

8. Pour tea over your soy milk and ice

9.  Add soy milk or left over tea as needed 

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