On Granola Bars and Tea

25 Oct

So, today has been a strange day. It was the first time that I got upset during an English class. Some how I am good at controlling my emotions and kept my thoughts to myself. After reflecting on my ideas and thoughts, I realized that I was wrong to say the things that I said to my friend about what we are learning about in class.

Granola and Tea

Since, I don’t have class tomorrow an extra fall break for Rachel. Here is my recipe for my favorite Chai Tea Latte (Iced):

1. Gather Ingredients 

You will need Organic Chai (spiced black tea, Starbucks Tazo) , Soy milk, and Ice



Milk or use milk of your choice


2. Place Ice into your mug of choice 

3. Place soy milk (or your choice of milk)  into mug with ice filling about a third of the way full

4. Place mug into freezer 

5. Heat water for about a minute (if using a kettle before it starts to boil) 

6. Pour water in a separate cup and place tea bag into this cup

7. Steep for 5 mins. and contemplate your favorite eternal mysteries 

8. Pour tea over your soy milk and ice

9.  Add soy milk or left over tea as needed 

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