Finishing Things

06 Nov

I feel like day has been the day for things to be finishing up. We are finishing up a novel in English class, I am finishing up study for Anthropology, the election is almost over with, that novel by my bed is almost finished, at some point I am going to finish up making my bed.

Today was also not a good day, not at all. It started after English class, mostly during English class because I was confused on what was going on in the novel. Then the girl next to me is starting to get on my nerves because she told me after class, last Thursday that she was sick of us talking about Feminism and that everyone in my class is not a feminist. Not really sure where that came from. It could have been because I said that being a mother was an honorary position in society. She told me that she really hates The Road and the book that we are reading, After This. That she has quit reading for the class, again not really sure where that came from. I am hoping to find out how she did on her paper. The one that I got an A on.

I have also today have been snacking on food, a didn’t really eat lunch or dinner. Just snack food. I really don’t feel like cooking or going to gym. My day did turn around when I found one of my favorite songs on Pandora:

1,2,3,4- Feist

It made me simile when I was walking back home from the library.

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