Thoughts on being Single

13 Nov

So day when I was leaving the library around 6. I thought that it would be a good idea to pick up a thing of coffee cake from Starbucks and take it home for desert. In my mind, I was going home and the man-friend would have dinner on the table. I would say, “O’ honey. look what I bought home.”

I would be shocked to find dinner on the table and the dogs feed. We would watch a movie and have a deep discussion about it after. Then he would kiss me good night and he would go home because he is just, the boyfriend. I would see him tomorrow and he would propose after months of dating.

False, this is not what I came home to.  

I came home and directly took a shower, it is about 50 degrees outside and I need to stay warm. Then I worked on homework and I am still working on homework. I heated up leftover home made soup from last night. Fixed the coffee cake the way I like it.

I have been thinking a lot on what it means to be single. I remember when I was younger telling my mom that I was going to get married at 20. Mostly because the person who babysat, my sisters and I was getting married.

In English class today, we were talking about marriage and what is love? (Cue the song). The short story that we have been reading addressed the relationship of a newly married couple who had been set up on a blind date by their parents and the story starts four months in the couple’s new life together. The tension that was brought on due to the religious icons that they found around their recently purchase home.

This made me think about what it is like to be single. Considering, I have been single for my whole life. Don’t get me wrong, I love being single but would love maybe to go out on a date every once and a while. I want somebody that I can share experiences with and just for fun bringing home coffee cake as a surprise.

The coffee cake in question.

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