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Thoughts on The Road

So, if you have been reading my blog for a long time then you know that I love Cormac McCarthy. Cormac and I, we could be best friends. I could talk science and he could talk literature, or we could sit on porch swings and admire the country.

We recently, finished reading The Road for American Literature. There is so much in my paper that I could not mention.


Stories of Courage and Justice 

I think that this is important for the man and the boy as they travel along the road. The man tells these stories in order to help the son understand his role in life such as being a “good guy” and “carrying the fire”.

Fact: The original title of The Road was called The Grail. This comes from the idea of Grail Narratives. (think: King Arthur and ties into these stories of justice and courage.)

“The father’s love for his son becomes the boy’s longing for his father and for community with others. That longing is depicted as a boy’s journey through a physically broken world in a relentless attempt to find that other whose pain and whose joy he can here. In a world poisoned by greed, dissociation, and despair, longing may itself be a form of redemption” (234).

The boy craves a normal world, even though he knows nothing of what our world is like. This longing for goodness might show a form of redemption for this broken world.

Does anyone know what “Carrying the fire” means? 

I asked my professor this the other day, because he is supposed to know everything, right? He is my professor and has written an article on The Road. So, he should know what this means, but he does not. We ended up discussing other things in the novel. I believe he mentioned that it has to do with the stories but I could wrong.

This is what I think, that the what McCarthy is saying is that there is something that is beautiful that we cannot put into words because their is so much truth and beauty in it. That this native statement of “Carrying the fire” symbolizes that goodness will continue on. Is there something more to this?

I like to think that everything that is going on in The Road, that is just a father and son traveling along the road and that there is something beautiful about the father’s desire to protect is son. That grace and beauty. Like the quote in my professor article (that I might get in trouble for posting):

“By creating a place of grief and ash, McCarthy seems to be searching for the origins of human goodness. By maintain a focused look at the origins of grace and beauty, he discovers what the ethical foundation of humanity might be: the simple words of a father for his son, “I have you,” illuminate a small hope in an otherwise dark narrative. Familial relationships preserve human goodness a long as a father is able to say, “I have you,” and a child is able to believe his words” (48-49).

The quote refers to this quote:

“No lists of things to be done. The day providential to itself. The hour. There is no later. All things of grace and beauty such that one holds them to one’s heart have a common provenance in pain. Their birth in grief and ashes. So, he whispered to the sleeping boy. I have you” (54).

That as long as the father is able to say, “I have you” meaning that as long as these stories stay true and that the father can continue to tell them. There is something extremely moving about that. That as long as the son is able to preserve this goodness and that the father also could preserve this goodness. There is something amazing about that idea. That redemption can them be gained.


There is also this idea of breath such as the breath of God (the Holy Spirit), I think that this is important to look at. Towards the end of the novel, the women who becomes a surrogate mother for the boy teaches him how to pray but the boy prays to the father because it is easier and that is what he promises his father.

“She said that the breath of God was his breath yet through it pass from man to man through all time” (286).

That as long as the boy remembers his father, this is away of honoring his memory and that the boy is making an effort to talk to God through his father. This becomes another effort in which the continue to “carry the fire”.

The idea of breath as plays an important role with the mother, she tells the father that:

“The one thing I can tell you is that you wont survive for yourself. I know because I would never have come this far. A person who had no one would be will advised to cobble together some passable ghost. Breathe it into being and coax it along with words of love.” (57)

That as long as the father is able to continue this family unit and create some sort of family for the boy. If the father can continue to think about the boy as part of the family and that he can instill goodness into the boy. As long as the father has a connection to his son, he can be considered a “good guy”. The man will always  need the boy.

Just some thoughts.

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It Came to the End

“It came to the end/ it seems you had heard/As we walked the city streets/you never said a word…/Where are you know?/ Where are you know?/ Do you ever think of me in/ In the quiet, in the crowd?

And I hear of your coming/ And your going in the town/ I hear stories of your smiles/I hear stories of your frown”

I am really in love with this new Mumford and Sons song, that I got over a week ago. Maybe because it is the end of the semester and I am becoming slightly upset. I already missing my little group from Anthropology and American Lit.

It has only been a day.

I am looking forward to next semester. A new English professor, new classes, and a new/first job.

I am thinking for applying for a position in the tutoring center (Student-Athlete tutoring center). I am waiting for grades to be post and I know that I am going to be over a 3.0 this semester. It is just frustrating because I need to retake my neuroscience class because I have discovered that a D, helps build character.

I have professors that I know that can write good letters of recommendation and that I can use as references.

I still have about 18 cases to cover for political science. I really just want to know grades and I need to finish cleaning out my apartment. I am enjoying my last weekend on campus. I have already sat on my swing. I plan to go to one last yoga class before I am able to practice at my home studio. I have already looked at book list for next semester, a thousand times mostly to see what we are reading for British Lit.

I am having second doubts about my major. I really want to become an English major. Even though, I am not very good at it. I love to write and read. According to my professor, I have been very insightful about The Road and that he has learned a lot from me about it. Except, for the fact that it is not going to matter. Maybe, I should give it one more semester and see how British Lit. goes.

I keep thinking about the two stories that, we read “The River”, by Flannery O’Connor and The Road. I felt rushed at the end of the final, so I didn’t get elaborate as much as I wanted to.

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A Day in the Life

I have been wanting to do a day in the life post for a long time now. Like a really long time. Here is the day of the life of a college student during finals week.





I started out my day by going to breakfast in one of the dining halls. I walk past these quotes almost every time I go to get a meal.



I made a quick trip to the store after breakfast to pick up dishwasher tablets at the store. The guy who was helping me had no idea what I was talking about. I have never bought dishwasher tablets on my own before. I bought one box of 20 and one box of 32 because I have no idea how many we are going to need in the apartment for the next week.



Grilled Cheese, apple sauce, granola bar, and tea for lunch. Sometimes I feel like I should be elementary school again. I most likely ate something similar for lunch when I was younger.



After lunch and doing laundry, I headed out to find a study spot. I settled for Armstrong Browning library and ran into a friend there. Realizing that I needed a pencil, I walked the 3 blocks back to my apartment to get my pencil bag. The things I do.


After spending a hour studying, I abandoned my studies because I was feeling sick. I went and sat on my swing and listened to this song. False, this was taken when I was laying in bed this morning but I did listen to music when I was sitting on my swing, just not this song.


After sitting on my swing for 30 mins. I went to the library. I got an awesome study spot near the Starbucks so I got a drink and a snack because I am awesome. I finished my American Lit. study guide. Now, I just have to review like a ton. I also made an awesome chart on The Color Purple. I also ran into another friend, who I spent 30 mins. just chatting with.


Then I came home to this. A random act of kindness that I have no idea what to say to but thanks. Some one folded my pants and I am happy.

Now it is time to hit the books again.


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Light at the End of the Tunnel

For some reason, I feel like finals this year are not as stressful. I know freshmen year, the first time I took finals. It was crazy and I was only taking 12 hours. When I took 16 hours, this past semester, it was a little bit more crazy. 14 hours seems to be a good number. I only have four test since one of my was a take home final.

I spent today: writing a five page paper, studying American Literature (I am starting to worry about this test, I need to review poetry and The Color Purple), making my political science cheat sheet, and reviewing a few lectures from Anthropology.

I feel like I have accomplished a lot today but I still feel like I can do more. That I am not ready to take these test, even though I am ready. I still have two days till my first final. I hate waiting for things to happen. I also believe that I might have the same finals schedule that I did my freshmen year. I did have an exam at 11, now that I think about it. It feels like such along time ago even though it was a year ago.

Favorite study places around campus:

1. The library- only when I can find a table and a quiet area

2. The SUB- the student union building

I was there today and fun story- there was a professor there getting lunch/coffee or whatever. He was leaving and he knew the Camber people that were studying there. He was waving at them but I was giving him my annoyed, no one once to hear you speak look. I think that he waved me also. I did see one of my favorite English professor today (I have yet to take one of his class; he did say that Ann of Green Gables would envy my hair and that I should watch out for browned hair gentlemen.)

3. Morrison Hall

The Political science building/ honor and graduate advising offices

4. The English Building

One of my favorite buildings on campus and I might study there tomorrow. I need a quiet place to work on my paper and do some proof reading/ read out loud to myself.

5. The BSB (Baylor Science Building)

I am never in my building since I am a psychology major that is where I am suppose to be. Mostly because it is about a 10-15 min. walk from my apartment. I walk/ride my bike there every Tuesday and Thursday. Next semester, it will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is hard to find a good table or chair. Usually the classrooms remain open, it is also easy to find a classroom or conference room to work in but you have to get there super early.

6. Sid Richardson building

I think I have been there a total of two times this whole semester. This building houses the math department and ever since last semester pre-cal class. Well, I just really don’t have the need to go back. They do have really good study rooms, free food (most of the time, the success center is located there they want you to do well), and long tables (first floor only).

Other things:

I bought a new book a few days ago for reward purposes only for after finals if I do well. I can’t really study in my room because I have to hide it every time. This book is:

imagesIt’s about 600 pages so it should hold me over for a while about a week. Considering, I figured out the other week that I can read about 245 pages (how every long Herland is) in a little less then 2.5 hour. Right now it is hidden away.

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The Original Marble Cover- Composition Book

I was a freshmen in high school, when I was introduced to composition books and blue books. They were required on the syllabus for the year. I thought nothing of it as I picked out my first comp. book, the first time, that I was not buying school supplies from the school. I believe it was blue because I like the color blue. We had used these marble books before in Middle School but they were black and white. I loved coloring in-between the white and the black. I thought that it looked cool, if everything was one color.

Flash forward to my freshmen year of college. My first time buying school supplies on my own. There was something familiar and comforting about these books. I picked up one, believing that the requirement in English class as it was many times before that we would be required to purchase a Marble Cover composition book. This was in fact false, our professor could care less about what we took notes in.

To this day, these books have held a ton of notes, thoughts, and ideas.


Part 1 for American Lit.

My Notes

My Notes


Part 2 for American Lit.

The day that I forget my Comp. book for an English class, the world might come to an end.

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