The Original Marble Cover- Composition Book

03 Dec

I was a freshmen in high school, when I was introduced to composition books and blue books. They were required on the syllabus for the year. I thought nothing of it as I picked out my first comp. book, the first time, that I was not buying school supplies from the school. I believe it was blue because I like the color blue. We had used these marble books before in Middle School but they were black and white. I loved coloring in-between the white and the black. I thought that it looked cool, if everything was one color.

Flash forward to my freshmen year of college. My first time buying school supplies on my own. There was something familiar and comforting about these books. I picked up one, believing that the requirement in English class as it was many times before that we would be required to purchase a Marble Cover composition book. This was in fact false, our professor could care less about what we took notes in.

To this day, these books have held a ton of notes, thoughts, and ideas.


Part 1 for American Lit.

My Notes

My Notes


Part 2 for American Lit.

The day that I forget my Comp. book for an English class, the world might come to an end.

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