Light at the End of the Tunnel

05 Dec

For some reason, I feel like finals this year are not as stressful. I know freshmen year, the first time I took finals. It was crazy and I was only taking 12 hours. When I took 16 hours, this past semester, it was a little bit more crazy. 14 hours seems to be a good number. I only have four test since one of my was a take home final.

I spent today: writing a five page paper, studying American Literature (I am starting to worry about this test, I need to review poetry and The Color Purple), making my political science cheat sheet, and reviewing a few lectures from Anthropology.

I feel like I have accomplished a lot today but I still feel like I can do more. That I am not ready to take these test, even though I am ready. I still have two days till my first final. I hate waiting for things to happen. I also believe that I might have the same finals schedule that I did my freshmen year. I did have an exam at 11, now that I think about it. It feels like such along time ago even though it was a year ago.

Favorite study places around campus:

1. The library- only when I can find a table and a quiet area

2. The SUB- the student union building

I was there today and fun story- there was a professor there getting lunch/coffee or whatever. He was leaving and he knew the Camber people that were studying there. He was waving at them but I was giving him my annoyed, no one once to hear you speak look. I think that he waved me also. I did see one of my favorite English professor today (I have yet to take one of his class; he did say that Ann of Green Gables would envy my hair and that I should watch out for browned hair gentlemen.)

3. Morrison Hall

The Political science building/ honor and graduate advising offices

4. The English Building

One of my favorite buildings on campus and I might study there tomorrow. I need a quiet place to work on my paper and do some proof reading/ read out loud to myself.

5. The BSB (Baylor Science Building)

I am never in my building since I am a psychology major that is where I am suppose to be. Mostly because it is about a 10-15 min. walk from my apartment. I walk/ride my bike there every Tuesday and Thursday. Next semester, it will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is hard to find a good table or chair. Usually the classrooms remain open, it is also easy to find a classroom or conference room to work in but you have to get there super early.

6. Sid Richardson building

I think I have been there a total of two times this whole semester. This building houses the math department and ever since last semester pre-cal class. Well, I just really don’t have the need to go back. They do have really good study rooms, free food (most of the time, the success center is located there they want you to do well), and long tables (first floor only).

Other things:

I bought a new book a few days ago for reward purposes only for after finals if I do well. I can’t really study in my room because I have to hide it every time. This book is:

imagesIt’s about 600 pages so it should hold me over for a while about a week. Considering, I figured out the other week that I can read about 245 pages (how every long Herland is) in a little less then 2.5 hour. Right now it is hidden away.

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