It Came to the End

08 Dec

“It came to the end/ it seems you had heard/As we walked the city streets/you never said a word…/Where are you know?/ Where are you know?/ Do you ever think of me in/ In the quiet, in the crowd?

And I hear of your coming/ And your going in the town/ I hear stories of your smiles/I hear stories of your frown”

I am really in love with this new Mumford and Sons song, that I got over a week ago. Maybe because it is the end of the semester and I am becoming slightly upset. I already missing my little group from Anthropology and American Lit.

It has only been a day.

I am looking forward to next semester. A new English professor, new classes, and a new/first job.

I am thinking for applying for a position in the tutoring center (Student-Athlete tutoring center). I am waiting for grades to be post and I know that I am going to be over a 3.0 this semester. It is just frustrating because I need to retake my neuroscience class because I have discovered that a D, helps build character.

I have professors that I know that can write good letters of recommendation and that I can use as references.

I still have about 18 cases to cover for political science. I really just want to know grades and I need to finish cleaning out my apartment. I am enjoying my last weekend on campus. I have already sat on my swing. I plan to go to one last yoga class before I am able to practice at my home studio. I have already looked at book list for next semester, a thousand times mostly to see what we are reading for British Lit.

I am having second doubts about my major. I really want to become an English major. Even though, I am not very good at it. I love to write and read. According to my professor, I have been very insightful about The Road and that he has learned a lot from me about it. Except, for the fact that it is not going to matter. Maybe, I should give it one more semester and see how British Lit. goes.

I keep thinking about the two stories that, we read “The River”, by Flannery O’Connor and The Road. I felt rushed at the end of the final, so I didn’t get elaborate as much as I wanted to.

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One response to “It Came to the End

  1. Ricky X

    December 10, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    I think you’d be a fantastic English major, Rachel 🙂


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