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Tough Day, Kitty

As most of my pinterest followers know, I love cats. Today was one of those days where I threw life together and made the most of it. My day and explantations in cat pictures.

My day started like this:

Not wanting to get out of bed

Not wanting to get out of bed

I laid in bad this morning, literary I was in a bad mood. My roommate and I need to have the “please, stop slamming your door” talk. It woke me up at 1:25 am. I slept till about 8 am this morning, the normal time. I ended up listening to music for an hour and then finally got out of bed.

Let's talk English class

Let’s talk English class/ check this paragraph

I love this picture, mostly because it describes my entire English class. I love British Lit. a lot, it’s very thought provoking, wonderful, and describes stories of courage and justice. Things that I think everyone should know.  We started reading the Morte D’Arthur and it really does not help that it is in old English. I think that my professor is trying to challenge us but a lot of people are struggling. I am even struggling with basic understanding of plot, I feel that we all need books that bring us back to the basic. There is one lady that really annoys me (she is a lot older like 30-40s, she has a son who is 16), I think that it is good that she is going back to school and everything. She feels the need to comment on everything that is going on. We were discussing what popular culture describes Arthur. Other people were throwing out suggestions and she just kept talking. My professor really didn’t want to be there day, he had just got really good news and really wanted to go home to tell his wife. I was like go home. Also, I don’t know how I am doing in that class. We kept looking and checking paragraphs today.

Looking thoughtful

Looking thoughtful

My history of American popular music teacher today, said that I was looking thoughtful. Despite the fact that I was super tried. I was tapping my feet along to the music that was playing. It was a nice complement.

spying on you

spying on you

Besides work and academics, I have been spying on a boy in the BSB for the last few days, he always walks by the lab when I am on my way to take something to the machine that makes the Biohazard material not Biohazard. I peeked around the coroner to see if he was there today. I thought I saw him working in the one of the office but I could not tell.

Rough Day, Kitty

Rough Day, Kitty

This is how I feel now, knowing that I can get my homework done this weekend. There is no motivation for me to study.

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The Wanderer or The Exile

We read this poem today in English class today and I spoke today in English class for the first time. This little brave soul volunteered some thoughts.

It is really long so I wanted to highlight some parts that I enjoyed.

Sad, I sought the hall of a giver of treasure,

Where I might find, far or near,

One who in the meadhall might know about my people,

or might wish to comfort me, friendless, entertain with delights.

He knows who experiences it how cruel care is as a companion,

to him who has few beloved protestors,

The path of exile awaits him, not twisted gold, frozen feelings, not earth’s glory,

he remembers retainers and receiving of treasure


The shadow of night grows dark, sends from the north

a rough shower of hail in enmity to the warriors.

All the kingdom of earth is full of trouble, the operation of

the fates changes the world under the heavens.

Here wealth is transitory, here friend is transitory,

here man is transitory, here woman is transitory, this

whole foundation of the earth becomes empty


It will be well for him who seeks grace,

comfort from the Father in the heavens, where a fastness

stands  for us all.

I had a lot of favorite parts but they were really long and difficult to quote.

Here is a link to a translation of the poem:

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Books that I read over Break

A few weeks ago, since I listen to audiobooks every once in a while. I was debating if I should get an audible account. I like to listen, late a night if I can’t sleep. I read this fact: That the average person reads six books in a year. I am not sure if this is a good study. Early today, I read that 1 in 4 Americans did not read a book this past year. The study I believe was done in 2007. I decided because I believe in proving points that I would in the month that I had off from school try and make it through six books and more. Which I successfully did and celebrated by watching “The Office” and “John Adams”.

Here is my list:

1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky

3. I am Legend, by Richard Matheson

 4Room, by Emma Donoghue

5. Notable American Women, by Ben Marcus

6. The Uncommon Reader, by Alan Bennett (Not really worth buying considering it is so short but a good light read after reading some heavy dystopian novels and depressing novels.)

7. Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card

8. Space Trilogy Book #1 Out of the Silent Plant, by C.S. Lewis

9. The Unit, by Ninni Holmgvist (think: Never Let Me Go with old people and could also be similar to The Handmaiden’s Tale)

10. The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri (we read one of her short stories in my American Lit. class this past semester. I believe it was called “This Blessed House”.)

11. Still Alice, by Lisa Genova (Supports the reason that I want to study psychology but extremely depressing.)

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