The Wanderer or The Exile

29 Jan

We read this poem today in English class today and I spoke today in English class for the first time. This little brave soul volunteered some thoughts.

It is really long so I wanted to highlight some parts that I enjoyed.

Sad, I sought the hall of a giver of treasure,

Where I might find, far or near,

One who in the meadhall might know about my people,

or might wish to comfort me, friendless, entertain with delights.

He knows who experiences it how cruel care is as a companion,

to him who has few beloved protestors,

The path of exile awaits him, not twisted gold, frozen feelings, not earth’s glory,

he remembers retainers and receiving of treasure


The shadow of night grows dark, sends from the north

a rough shower of hail in enmity to the warriors.

All the kingdom of earth is full of trouble, the operation of

the fates changes the world under the heavens.

Here wealth is transitory, here friend is transitory,

here man is transitory, here woman is transitory, this

whole foundation of the earth becomes empty


It will be well for him who seeks grace,

comfort from the Father in the heavens, where a fastness

stands  for us all.

I had a lot of favorite parts but they were really long and difficult to quote.

Here is a link to a translation of the poem:

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