Morning Routine

18 Feb

My morning routine usually starts around 8, that is when I decided that I need to get up for classes usually a good two hours before my first class even starts. The first thing that I do is I make coffee or I get ready and buy the coffee. Either way I have a cup of coffee in the morning and some type of breakfast food. Every monday since last semester I have had a bagel (everything, toasted with cream cheese). Since my friend and I usually meet for bagels for monday but this semester cannot because our schedules are super busy and somehow mornings just don’t work out.

This morning, I decided to get my usually bagel and make my coffee. I am sitting in the science building before class and eating my bagel like a regular college student in my usually spot because it remains me of a cafe and I sit and check email/ Facebook/ blogs/ everything that I do on my computer. I am sitting and checking email this morning and a tour group comes in right as I am about to put a piece of bagel in my month and they are all awkwardly staring at me. I am watching them and they are watching me as they listen to the tour guide talk.

They have also destroyed my morning, in which in about ten minutes I will be over but still. I thought I was going to have a leisure morning of eating my bagel and drinking my coffee.


Where I sit

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