Graduate School

24 Feb

As most people around me know, I have always wanted to go to graduate school. This has something that I have thought about for a long time.  I always assumed it was the naturally the next step for most people my age. You go to college, get a degree, and go to graduate school. When I was younger I thought that college somehow turned into graduate school and that there was a certain test that you would take and if you failed it you were done for, like forever.

When I made the decision to change my major to English-Literature. I decided that graduate school was still in the plan. I have always wanted to get my PH.D. and that title of Dr. in front of my last name. I think mostly that because my dad holds a doctorate in psychology. I wanted to be just like him. I remember at a young age at church, going to say hello to one of my friend’s father, who has a Ph.D. in music and directly saying,”Hello, Dr. C”. Titles hold an importance to me.

As I look at graduate schools, right now I try not to think how much it is going to cost but programs that I might enjoy and want to be apart of. I might just secretly want to get an EGSA digest email (English graduate student association at Private University; I spend the majority of time creeping on them and observing them from a far in the Writing Center) and that could be one of my reasons for going to graduate school.

List as of right now of the plan of action:

1. Fall 2013/ Early Spring 2014- Take GRE class offered through the Alumni Association/ Check with More Than a Teacher Test Prep in Austin 

2. Fall 2013/ Early Spring 2014- Continue to look at graduate programs and narrow down search to programs that I know I can get into

List of Schools Right Now 

1. Baylor University (also know as Private University, attending now) 

2. Boston University (a great school for English and American Lit.) 

3. Washington University in St. Louis (as a great school for English and American Lit., provides funding)

3. Spring 2014- Investigate Fellowships and Funding

4. Spring 2014- Start working on personal statement and organizing a 15-20 page writing sample (editing/ making it perfect to wow) 

5. Late Spring 2014/ Early Fall 2014- Take GRE (once in the Spring and in the Fall; evaluate scores as they come in) 

6. Early Fall 2014- Letters of Recommendation (3), make sure resume/ CV is prepared correctly (can start working on this now), polish personal statement

7. Fall 2014- Finish applications (dates unknown)/ start sending off applications 

8. Fall 2014/ anytime- look into possible jobs just in case the whole plan of action gets thrown out the window. Have a back up plan of action in place.

9.  Fall 2014/ Spring 2015- Look into funding, financial packages, file necessary forms, and wait. 

10. Spring 2015- Get accepted/ back up plan of action in place/ take a deep breath

11. Spring 2015- Graduate (time to celebrate) 

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