A Poem and Thoughts

03 Mar

I decided to re-write this post because I have a few things to add about my day. Today has been somewhat strange because I normally don’t eat a lot. I have scheduled meal time, literally I hate it when people mess with my routine and then I eat later. Then it turns into a mess. I have had this terrible cough/ sore throat that I picked up from my roommate. I found that my body loves it when I drink hot water to help my throat late at night. Which means in the morning, I have a really full bladder (in case anyone wanted to know this). I was already off because I slept late this morning, like till 9 because I woke at 5 and cough up something onto my pillow and went back to sleep (mostly gross throat stuff, nothing serious). I had my toast at 9:30 and coffee during English class. I have had like four small meals today plus desert. I

I don’t think that my English professor likes me at all. We were talking about sixteenth and seventieth English lit. today and then my professor mentioned The Road and he asked, who had read it. I have never seen my hand move so quickly in my life. My hand shoot up and I had this giant excited look on my face. I saw my professor later with his wife and son. I said, hello and he ignored me even though I was directly in front of him. It was super awkward and I also saw him last night at a lecture and he ignored me then as well. Even though I was waved to him at the end when I was turned around to leave. I don’t really know.

Also, I decided that I wanted to be published by the end of my undergraduate career. I figured to increase my chances by submitting something next year the creative writing journal. So, here I my poem, it was received very well in Literary Society tonight since it was poetry night.

The Walk 

She walks a little taller

She is eager to be home

To the book that is waiting on her bedside table or her cat,

Who has climbed to the top of the bookcase and looks down on her while she types,

His tail moves back and forth and he looks uncertain

If he should really be up there…

She seems excited to go home to be done with work early

There are no papers to be graded or written

She can have the evening to herself with her cat and her book


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