Books that I read over Spring Break

17 Mar

I noticed that this is becoming a regular thing that I do. I have this need to put together and read from booklist, I guess. I am also avoiding finishing up my history homework. The book that we are reading is easy to follow and understand. It helps that the questions are not as confusing as in the other book that we read. Well, here is the list:

1. Dakota, by Kathleen Norris 

Such a beautiful novel, I am going to write another blog post soon over this book. It had so many good quotes about nature and life, just everything.

2. Child of God, by: Cormac McCarthy 

After being completely disturbed by the whole novel and not sure if I could really excuse the main characters behavior. We talked about this question that the novel raises in my American Literature class last semester. How do we deal with the behavior of the main character when he is described as “a child of God much like yourself perhaps”? I don’t have the page number but I spent most of break putting this book down and forcing myself to plow through it.

3. Gilead, by Marilynee Robinson 

I am cheating a little because I am not done with it, yet. So far, I think that it is good. I have discovered that I like books that are written in prose because I think that they piece together a character nicely and the plot line flows.

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