Thoughts on Books

21 Jun

Last night, we had a really great staff meeting. It was helpful and informative of what needs to get done at the Yogurt Place. My boss/ the owner made a really strange comment about a costumer, who was suggesting a different name for the Customer Reward program that we have.

“She had obviously read too many books and one of those yoga-type people.”

Not really a direct quote, but I laugh along with the rest of the staff. Later, after I got home I was thinking about the meeting and this was all that I could focus on. Basically, my boss was describing me. I would never suggest to a business what they should call something because it is not my place to do so. The part about books and yoga is true. I have been practicing yoga for almost 2 1/2 years now and I read about a book per week (maybe more). This also got me thinking about the value of books in our society. On the extra credit assignment, that my old professor gave us our freshmen year. It states:

People don’t read enough. Language and storytelling is important, but more important is the task of critically considering what we read. Therefore, the only extra credit available throughout the semester will be the following assignment: Choose one of the books listed below. Read it, and write a 3-page response. Once you have selected a book, check with me, your professor, to receive your response prompt. Once you have completed your response, you must then come and talk with me, your professor, about what you have read.

In the course of the semester, I did four of these bad boys but I read other things that were not on the list. People tell stories all the time though blogs, Facebook status, and tweets. I am guilty of all three but I also read books and think about how they relate into our society. That is what I have loved about my English classes at Private University. The way literature relates into our society, for example we spent the whole semester talking about place and the place in which we live in. It was only in till after the class was over that I realized how important the conversations we had in class were in relation to all parts of life such as marriage, travel, history, and class structure. People in my class were able to relate to the novels that we read in class and think about it in terms of their own life.

I love talking to professors (and people) about the things that I read. I would always make sure to have a book in hand when I go see my English professors. I want to hear their comments about what I am reading and the thing that I loved about my old professor was that he would always ask or comment about whatever I was reading. He even let me borrow a book from him, one time. My other profess0r and I discussed poetry (often something to do with what we were reading in class or mentioning that he saw me at the T.S. Eliot lecture). Both my professors, have given me booklist/ reading list to read from. I have one for place, dystopian, and the one mentioned above. These list open me up to new ideas and new authors.

Maybe that is why, I love doing my Telling Stories With… series because stories are important and we should think more about them and why is this story being told.

As I was reading a blog post the other day about a parent commenting on how much her son has already read this summer/ per day and worked on his workbook. She mentioned something about summer reading programs by public libraries. The summer reading program at the Austin Public Library is that if you read five books your name gets enter into a drawing for an e-reader or canvas bags. Well, I just started on my third card. It is not even half way though summer break.


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  1. Sara Katherine

    June 22, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Give us an update on everything you’ve read so far! Are you working off of a list right now?


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