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Eating Well

“Many times, after I have finished a lecture on the decline of American farming and rural life, someone in the audience has asked, ‘What can city people do?’

‘Eat responsibly,’ I have usually answered.”

“Whenever possible, deal directly with a local farmer, gardener, or orchardist. All the reasons listed for the previous suggestion apply here. In addition, by such dealing you eliminate the whole pack of merchants, transporters, processors, packagers, and advertisers who thrive at the expense of both producers and consumers.” (The Art of Commonplace, The Pleasures of Eating- Wendell Berry

The thing that I love about living in Austin is the local farmer’s market/ health food stores that are extremely close to me. Every time I eat a kale salad  with some veggies, my body tends to freak out (in a good way). On a college student budget, these healthy foods are often times eliminated since I am usually looking for a cheap and easy meal.

The other day, I was looking at the Farmer’s market website and stubbled across The Home Grown Farm  which has a booth at the local Farmer’s market in College Town. I did the math and realize that it might be a good idea to invest in half a share (in one payment would be $225 from September through December). As I am looking, I was like this is a great deal. I figured out in the course of a semester which is 15 weeks. If I were to go to the grocery store every other week (which is 7.5 weeks out of the semester) and spent $50 every it would cost me $375. If I were to go the through the CSA half share, it would be $15 a week and since the box is custom to fit what I want that week. If I had left over money it would roll over into the next growing season. It sounds like a really good deal.

My only concerns is that I don’t really eat a lot of food. I eat food but I am also really picky eater and during the school year have a tendency to eat quick and small meals. Which often times food tends to go bad and then I feel guilty and it is a whole cycle.

Then on the flip side if  I am making less trips to the store and eating healthy. Less trips to the store means that food is not going bad because I will eat what I will make and what is around.

From a financial point of view it is a really good choice because I just apply the credit that I am given and can pick out what I want. I would do the one payment option and just pay the $225 all at once which means I could save more because I am spending less at the grocery store and could save for my oxford trip. I will also have three meals a week on campus plus dining dollars (for my coffee and bagels).

Any advice? Following Wendell Berry’s advice/ personal advice do you eat well? 


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