Facts About Coffee

12 Aug

A very random video about coffee.

My favorite parts:

1. Coffee was originally called Arabian Wine

During the 17th century, European People used to refer to coffee as Arabian Wine. Arabians made win from the pulp of fermented coffee berries. Coffee was considered the substitute beverage in spiritual practices wher wine was forbidden.

2. 35% take there coffee black while 57% add sugar

Not sure where the only cream people fall (that’s me by the way I hate sugar in my coffee because there are sugars add to the cream)

3. You feel the effects in 10 minutes

4. Temporary Negative Effects: Coffee is a psychoactive and works much like heroin affecting sleep and nerves.

I have coffee withdrawal before and I am more grumpy and tried when that happens. Usually I then drink I cup of coffee the next day or later in the day. I can find something that will help my brain get started in the morning if I don’t have coffee. I have sleeping problems anyway and haven’t really had any effect on my nerves.

5. 100 cups in 4 hours can kill you

I don’t think this will every happen to me.

6. It used to be custom in Turkey that if a husband did not provide his wife with coffee, it was grounds for divorce.

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