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Meatless Fridays

I know everyone is tried about hearing about what I am learning about when I study Catholicism. I did win on  my test with selecting the right pope. Almost a mouth ago, I was reading online about Catholicism and I knew about Catholics not eating meat or only eating fish on Fridays. I was curious way. I remember my freshmen year, when I would eat lunch with a friend who was Catholic about how she would always make a fuss over the dinning hall not catering to her need. They had a fish option but it was always fried and the salad bar was terrible.

As I was doing some research, I came across abstinence in the Catholic church. I had been curious about fasting. I have fasted a few times myself during Lent but brushed it off and never really knew what fasting meant in religious terms.

Friday Abstinence

A brief history: Before Vatican II (the last council of the Church), Catholics were required to abstain from any type of meat on Friday. As a form of pence to remember Jesus’ death on the cross. Meat is now allowed on fridays but abstained from during Lent.

The article that I am reading talks about giving up something good for our spiritual benefit. It also talks about how we are suppose to do some other form of penance if we do eat meat on friday. What are these pence(s)?

Personally, my reason is to allow my body a day of rest from meat even though I rarely eat meat because I can’t afford it (unless it’s turkey meat; I do have ground turkey and chicken cubes in the freezer). I feel like tonight, since I had pizza that my abstinence would not be valid. Since that is something good and it was vegetarian.

This has been my four meatless friday and it’s felt good except for the pizza which has caused my stomach to hurt but other wise good. During morning prayers, which was rudely interrupted by a power outage and my faculty partner calling, I was thinking about Christ’s death and way this practice on not eating meat came into play. Such as when I made my lunch last night, I could have had turkey on my sandwich but chose to go vegetarian which was onion, cheese, and tomato.  Maybe I am doing my meatless friday as doing something good such as for spiritual reasons or just letting my body has a break from meat.

Any thoughts, comments, concerns?

(I feel like this is all over the place but it’s a way for me to make sense of my thoughts)

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Thoughts on Everything and In-between

It’s almost 11, I am suppose to be getting in bed, and going to sleep but everything seems to be pulling me in every direction.

I have three test this week. Something that I have forgotten exist in the college world. I have done this before and very thankful that my only busy week on this semester is at the start. I have decided not to plan meetings with friends for coffee (unless I really need them) or that thing called excise. I might be skipping my yoga class on Wednesday for some me-time/ study time.

Another thing that has been on my chest is one of my favorite classes: History of Roman Catholicism

It’s an amazing class and I love every minute of it. I have a confession to make, I attended my first Mass last week and went on Sunday night again. The first time, I totally had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had done some reading online before hand on kinda what to except since Catholic churches scare me. I have really good friends who are Catholic and are super friendly but going to church was little nerve racking. I made it and I feel guilty for sitting the last pew but wanted to be able watch other people around me. After having my fears reassured and seeing a very familiar face in terms of my old English professor. I don’t think he noticed me but I might have been watching him throughout the service since he was in my line of sight (not in a creepy way, more in a observing people around me way). I was able to locate my Roman Missal and was able to pick up the difference between Lutheran liturgy and Catholic liturgy both are extremely similar just some word changes and possibly different meanings (not really sure). I enjoyed the hymns, the sermon, the chanting, and the bells during the Eucharist. I sat in the pew quietly during communion with my hymnal (singing along) since I am not allowed to take communion. Over all the experience was great, it just raises some questions on my own faith. Another confession, I have been discerning since the end of the summer about my own faith. I had already been doing a ton of research online about the Catholic church and the Lutheran church. It’s difficult since I have started to question my own Lutheran upbringing and it’s very complicated and upsetting at times.

Enough on that, Hebrew is going well and stressful mostly because we have our first test. It has become slightly rewarding since I can now pick out words and make somewhat of an attempt to sound them out. I spend most of my time being wrong. Except for getting perfect score on the first quiz.

Modern English Grammar has also been hit and miss. I am starting to pick up on little things that I do in my writing and make an attempt at correcting. I have gotten all the assignments right so far. My professor made us take a pre-test the second day of class so that we can see where we are at the end of the semester. I don’t think that I did very well.

American Lit is very interesting. My professor is amazing and I haven’t talked yet because I have this fear that whatever comes out of my mouth is going to sound stupid compared to his amazing insights. The girl, who sits next to me, showed up for the first time in three weeks. She came the first week but hasn’t shown up the rest of the semester. She just sat there the entire time and watched me take my usually four pages of notes. She also asked about the exam on Friday (one of three grades) and was still confused when I tried to explain to her what was going on.

I am also still working in the lab which my hours got cut so I am only working eight hours more like less then eight hours. I have to log eight hours because the professor I work for is worried that department might say something if he is not using the entire budget that has been set aside for student workers like the ten other people and I.

Doing a ton of reading and got Margaret Atwood’s new book which I am excited to read at some point.

That is all I got.

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