Meatless Fridays

20 Sep

I know everyone is tried about hearing about what I am learning about when I study Catholicism. I did win on  my test with selecting the right pope. Almost a mouth ago, I was reading online about Catholicism and I knew about Catholics not eating meat or only eating fish on Fridays. I was curious way. I remember my freshmen year, when I would eat lunch with a friend who was Catholic about how she would always make a fuss over the dinning hall not catering to her need. They had a fish option but it was always fried and the salad bar was terrible.

As I was doing some research, I came across abstinence in the Catholic church. I had been curious about fasting. I have fasted a few times myself during Lent but brushed it off and never really knew what fasting meant in religious terms.

Friday Abstinence

A brief history: Before Vatican II (the last council of the Church), Catholics were required to abstain from any type of meat on Friday. As a form of pence to remember Jesus’ death on the cross. Meat is now allowed on fridays but abstained from during Lent.

The article that I am reading talks about giving up something good for our spiritual benefit. It also talks about how we are suppose to do some other form of penance if we do eat meat on friday. What are these pence(s)?

Personally, my reason is to allow my body a day of rest from meat even though I rarely eat meat because I can’t afford it (unless it’s turkey meat; I do have ground turkey and chicken cubes in the freezer). I feel like tonight, since I had pizza that my abstinence would not be valid. Since that is something good and it was vegetarian.

This has been my four meatless friday and it’s felt good except for the pizza which has caused my stomach to hurt but other wise good. During morning prayers, which was rudely interrupted by a power outage and my faculty partner calling, I was thinking about Christ’s death and way this practice on not eating meat came into play. Such as when I made my lunch last night, I could have had turkey on my sandwich but chose to go vegetarian which was onion, cheese, and tomato.  Maybe I am doing my meatless friday as doing something good such as for spiritual reasons or just letting my body has a break from meat.

Any thoughts, comments, concerns?

(I feel like this is all over the place but it’s a way for me to make sense of my thoughts)

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