It’s October

01 Oct

Today marks the first day of October. I feel the need to tell a lot of people this, because the semester is now in full swing. There is no going back, we just have to keep plowing forward.

Modern English Grammar is going to be the death of me. I am doing very well in the class with my B, hoping to be B+ by the end of next week after our test. I have a good feeling that I know what is going to be on it. Now it is time to motivate myself to study. I did very well on the diagraming sentence quiz with a very high B (86, be jealous). I am going to continue to study hard and keep on going.

Hebrew is going great. Hopefully, tutoring with help a lot with figuring out how to study more effectually. It is such an interesting language but has no many rules that it gets confusing at times. I feel like I understand more of what we are talking about now then everything from the beginning.

I have also noticed that I am a very highly organized person like OCD organized. I finally got my room set up the way I like it and everything is neat. It’s amazing. It might get a little crazy since I am going to be traveling a ton over the next two weeks. This weekend for a Wedding and next weekend for ACL (Austin City Limits) and birthday (21st).

Also, I have been seeing my Brit. Lit. professor a lot which is fine since I won’t see him next year. We seem to end up in the same place. I have a confession to make. I keep looking for my old English professor, I am hesitant to email him but I want advice over graduate school stuff and I just want to talk about Catholicism since I know he is Catholic and knows his stuff. Enough on that because I feel like it is turning into secret diary confession time. (No one reads my blog; so who cares). I have no idea what I am doing. I have my GRE stuff planned out when I am taking it and my course over Christmas break. I have no idea if I should be working on my personal statement or what I am going to use for my writing sample. What I should even be looking at in terms of programs. It’s a little stressful because I just planned out today my entire Spring semester. Basically, time is running out. After this summer, I will need 22 credits if I go to Oxford (whole another story). That means I will only have to take 12 hours first part of senior year and hopefully another 12 (it come to 10 but I need my financial aid). I have no idea what other schools to look at, in my mind private university is perfect but what if I don’t get in. What are my back ups? Also, career fairs freak me out because I should be thinking about my future career goals but I can’t because it scares me. I have no idea what I want to do with my life beside teach. What if teaching does not work out. Also, I got called a grad. student the other day which was awkward.

The other day, I was being super hard on myself because I need to have something published by the end of my undergraduate career. I really want to submit something for the Phoenix, the undergraduate creative writing journal, at Private University. I was typing up my poem that I wrote while at the most hipster coffee shop at Private University. I basically thought it was terrible. Now I have nothing. Creative Writing- Prose here I come.

Stress, yet it is only the first day in October.

I still hate my leadership class, in case you were interested.

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