Coffee and a Muffin (The Lack of Coffee Shops)

24 Oct

I should tell my roommate, who is going to read this that I might not be home soon. I am at Common Grounds, the local private university coffee shop (not private university owned but within walking distance.) I have discovered that it is the only place that I can study Hebrew or anything for that matter.

The thing about Common Grounds is that is always crowded. I love the noise and the struggle to find a great place to study or hang out but sometimes it is annoying. Also, the coffee here is always hit and miss. I love the house blend but everything else is too strong or too weak. Everything about this place reminds me about Austin. Spider House coffee house, anyone?

Also, my favorite thing is to spurge on a blueberry muffin from a local restaurant that believes in sustainable practices such as using things from there garden, stuff like that (Giving back to the community).

From what I noticed there seems to be a lack of coffee shops here in College town. I love the feeling of being able to come to Common Grounds, sit and just write. On the other hand, it’s always busy and I want a place to call my own.

I want something that has good healthy treats that don’t feel healthy like my blueberry muffin. The other week, I went to the Barnes and Noble cafe and they didn’t really have anything to offer except for my cup of tea. There was a ton of older people and this older gentleman circled my table a few times while I was getting my tea. Awk..

So any suggestions would be great. College town is in the small town of Waco, TX. If anyone has any reviews for coffee shops or local restaurant (that have breakfast, a giant perk in my book).

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