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So every once and a while my American Lit. professor declares it poetry today. Today was that day. This poem really struck me, I am about 100% sure that I read it before in my other American LIt. class but could not find it anywhere in my typed notes.

My Papa’s Waltz 

The whiskey on your breath

Could make a small boy dizzy;

But I hung on like death;

Such waltzing was not easy.

We romped until the pans

Slid from the kitchen shelf;

My mother’s countenance

Could not unfrown itself.

The hand that held my wrist

Was battered on one knuckle;

At every step you missed

My right ear scraped a buckle.

Your beat time on my head

With a palm caked hard by dirt,

Then waltzed me off to bed

Still clinging to your shirt. (Theodore Roethke)

I just thought I would share. I really like it because it shows a sweet moment between a father and son. My professor kept describing it in positive terms. I am still not convinced, I could see how it is positive but the father has been drinking but not a lot. I think maybe an after dinner drink or maybe he is drunk. I just really like it. We all did agree that the mother was not happy.

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Thoughts on being Sick

The first time I have been sick all semester. I thought this was happening weeks ago but nobody I got the full blown sinus inflection. Good thing for Sinus medication or I would cry. I cried all last night because I could not sleep. I was reading an article on Cormac McCarthy and decided around 1 that I should make some attempt at sleeping. I fell asleep around 3 got up around 9:30. I think I was more frustrated at trying to fall sleep because I was worried that I would stop breathing. I was finally able to clear one side of my nose to feel comfortable and I don’t like sleeping with my mouth open.

I spent yesterday organizing my schedule for next semester. I was planning on a lunch break but it looks like it will be more of a brunch type thing. Similar to this semester, Hebrew remains at the same time. I am scared to death to change professors. I am also taking Advance Expository Writing to help prepare for graduate school. (Hold the phone). It’s happening.

About a month ago, I had a meeting with one of my favorite professors and he basically  asked if I wanted to teach. I give an I am not really sure, yes type answer. I feel like I need to sit down the weekend after my Hebrew exam and finish taking the GRE practice for the second to see how I will do on the writing section. I missed calculated the amount of time used for the writing. I thought the 30 mins. was split in half for both the prompts. I scored really high on the math section (surprising). I might shoot him an email after I take the practice again with an update on my life. I not sure if he wants to hear about my decision. I feel like he has invested time out of his schedule to talk to me so I should let him know the outcome. I also see him at Mass all the time, even though I know he ignores people (which is a good thing, focusing on yourself during worship is the best).  I am such an awkward emailer. I know for sure that I want to teach, the U1000 Peer Leadership experience gave me the opportunity to teach/ TA for an undergraduate transition course. It was amazing because I got to see my students grow from day one. I got to plan out the last day of class and they got donuts because I love them. Planning a class is stressful and hard. Also, I had four of my students stick around after the last class and tell me how much they appreciated all of my hard work and really enjoyed learning from me. It was wonderful.


My students

I am taking American Lit. through Whitman and hopefully Postmodern American novel. American Lit. is my unofficial concentration, so in my mind I have to fit as many of these in while taking English Lit. and British Literature class (poop). I am also waiting listing a class for the first time, not really sure how it works.

I might be taking Augustine’s Theological Development if Postmodern American Novel does not work out. Which means I have to declare that minor that I have been talking about for the last four months. I have never read any of Augustine’s works so this might be helpful. I have a feeling that it is going to be a difficult class.

For my physical activity I am taking a Civic Education course in Community Garden: Growing a Community. Even if I am not working I will be volunteering in the community. I have already contacted an organization on campus that I can get my hours counted towards for next semester.

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