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Watching and Waiting

This semester I have been thinking a lot about prayer. Different types of prayer and trying to get better at praying. Over my break when I was doing my morning reflections, I was thinking about how Advent, also a season of penitence, has changed in my life over the last few year. My freshmen and sophomore year it was used as a counted down to when I was going home. This year it is different becuase I am staying so late after finals since my counsin is graduating. This year, however I have been reflecting on prayer. The other day, I was listening to a podcast that was talking about diffent ways to prepare for the birth of Christ.

One of the suggestion that was given was changing the prayers used during meal times such as just saying: “Come Lord Jesus.” (the meal time prayer that I grew up saying). During my nightly prayer time, which is usually just a quick prayer from my Lutheran Book of Prayer. I prayed a rosary for the first time and it was interesting. I used my fingers to count. I have been exploring the idea of intercession since it came up about a month ago in my Catholicism class.

I am not sure what I believe about Saints intercessing on my behalf but for some reason I like the idea of Mary intercessing on my behalf. As my sister told me it was like asking somebody to prayer for you but they can’t answer but share it with Jesus, who can. I could totally be wrong. The lecture today fit with the season of Advent. Mary, the mother of Christ, waiting for the birth of her son. As my professor said on the issue, “What son would not deny his mother.” Mary becomes relateable becuase she watched her son suffer on the Cross and was there when he was raised again. There is something mystical about the whole expereince.

It is similar to that of the Eucharist, over break I attended a Thanksgiving service put on by the Episoplians and noticed a similarity between that and what is said at Mass:

The mystery of Faith:

Christ has died, Christ has raisen, Christ will come again. (Roman Missal-3rd Edition)

This is one of my favorite parts of the service because there is something mystical that happens during the consecration of the bread and wine. It is strange to think about how in the middle ages the average person would pay to get a better view of the bread and wine because the Church viewed the scarments as something that preist and bishops could only take. I know what the average person must have been feeling when I sit in Mass, I can’t go forward to revice and I am to nervous to go up for a blessing by the preist. I hope that this is the Eucharist becomes our prayer as we wait for Christ to die, be raisen, and for him to come again.

Let us remember that Advent which comes before Christmas is a season of penance that we should make this time special and continue to pray as we wait for the coming of Christ.


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