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A thought on two different kinds of worship

I am such a routine kind of person. Yesterday, was Sunday and I went two different church services. Mass in the morning to have some quiet Jesus time and then in the afternoon with the Anglicans to check out their new mission church in Collegetown. My sister and her boyfriend also came done with some other Anglican friends to worship as well.

It was good to see a church thriving and what was cool about the mission church was that yesterday, was the first day that they became a church. They went from being a mission church to a stable church in the Anglican community. I also got to meet the Bishop (he has a cool hat and staff). It was great. It was similar to what I had been to in the morning except for Commuion. I am allowed to recieve in the Anglican church. Usually, I go forward for a blessing from the priest when I am at Mass. It has been a while, I long while since I have recieved the scarments.

I was nervous, a new place not really sure how things were done. I gave the wafer to the priest that was giving people the wine and he dipped it in. I did not however know that he was going to place it my mouth instead of giving back to me. I have heard of this before, so it did not freak me out. It was strange immediatly recieving both the body and the blood at the same time without me touching. I could feel Jesus working through the hands of the priest. There are also so many good things that are going to come out of that church. I could feel it right there.

There were also so many children. It was good to watch four little girls be in charge of the offering except for one dropping the plate on the ground. They also had such respect for God as they approached the alter, they were dramatic in their bowing but it reminded me that we are in the presence of God and that sometimes we need to be a little dramatic to remind us of why we are in this place.

I also faulted in some of my sayings, I have grown accused to the wordings that I hear at the Catholic Mass that I go to regularly. I stubbled through a creed that I haven’t said in a long time and was confused on when to bow or make the sign of the cross. I also missed my Missal, I don’t depend on it any more but it still sits beside me all the time.

I heard hymns all throughout the day that I forgot existed. They felt different but I could still remember the words. The simple act of praising God through singing.  I made note of each hymn that I missed and added to my collection of things I haven’t heard in a long time. Yet, I still remember as I stood both in the Catholic tradition and in the Anglican tradition that the words are the same. Hymns are the universal thing that I feel binds churches together. It’s such a simple act and worries me as the old hymns are going away and new hymns take there place.

If you get a chance, go somewhere different on Sunday. Expereince God in a different way, because yesterday I did. I saw God in the people at Mass at the Anglican church. I also saw God in the people at the Catholic church like I do every Sunday.

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