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Shopping and Lent

This past week has been relaxing. I have still had homework, but I feel like there has been less going on. I decided yesterday, that I would go do a little shopping. I feel like I spend the majority of my money on gas and groceries. I finally stablized the grocery bill. It was a little out of control for a while. Not scary out of control, I would pick up a few extra things that were not really necessary. that would spoil easily, or would be something that I could easily make on my own. Things like the pre-made chicken salad or a fancy dip. 

I was also looking for a dress for Easter. I remember freshman year, going shopping with some friends and not really finding anything. I was also looking for more business casual. I have a formal presentation coming up and realized that I don’t have anything to wear with my black dress pants. I found two dresses, a rare thing. One is a lighter blue with a coral ribbon/sash thing as belt. Normally, I go for solid. I tried it on and it fit great, which was rare. The other dress is a darker blue/grey with white pattern and a high collar. Which usually, I am against but it fit really well. I just really liked it. I got one on sale which was great. I was happy. I also have a dress for Oxford which makes me feel a lot better. 

Image      Image

How this all relates to Lent, weather wise we are in a transition shedding our winter skins for a way into spring. Much like with Lent being a time of waiting and moving forward to the cross and then Easter comes and we are all happy because of Christ has risen. As I reflected on this journey. Ash Wednesday seemed like a long time ago, but know it is almost Easter. 

Also I found this cool picture of hats that the Pope wear. 


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