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Kite Runner research and high school papers: A reflection

I would like to declare that I successful presented my research over the novel, The Kite Runner today. I felt my presentation went really well. Also, I had a great title “To Become Good Again”: Finding Redemption in The Kite Runner. I also had a great thesis and introduction as well:

The events happening throughout Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner reflect a time of experimental democracy followed by a dictatorship. According to Mir Hekmatullah Sadat, war and conflict play an important theme in Afghan diasporac literature, thus allowing history to act as a guide for different Afghan novels such as The Kite Runner. In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, the idea of losing one’s innocence and betrayal mirrors the social and historical events happening at the same time in Afghanistan. This idea plays an important role in the formation of the main character Amir’s guilt after he betrays his friend and servant, Hassan. Even after leaving Afghanistan, Amir must face the conflict of whether or not to return to Afghanistan in order to make amends and save Hassan’s son in order to “become good again” and to find redemption.

I am proud of my work. Even there were moments of doubt and walking over to do my presentation. I had this moment where I declared that my research was wrong and that I was all wrong in my analysis. I kept watching my professor during my presentation. It was hard to tell what he thought, I am not really good at reading people that well. I did finish in exactly ten minutes, totally rocked that part. I made sure to cut out the trailer before hand. That was an added thing, just in case.

I am looking forward to getting my paper back and my presentation notes as well. I should get them back on friday. The paper maybe later next week sometime. I feel like the amount of time that I spent of this paper and wanting to change my topic multiple times. I am glad that I stuck with the novel and really put a lot of time with the book. I never what to see it again and I doubt I will read it again.

This whole project, reminded me of my Prayer for Owen Meany paper that I wrote almost a year ago. I argued about fate and freewill. I liked this project a lot because I had a lot more freedom. I felt like in high school, I was limited just to Alder’s list of themes and that my teacher, even though I loved the class, he wanted me to really be on topic and stick within just the idea of fate. Which can be frustrating when you are trying to argue that fate does not exist and that everything was just mere chance within the novel. I remembering looking a lot at Aquinas and Augustine’s ideas about fate and predestination. Except for the fact that I was wrong because when we studied Aquinas and Augustine in religion class this year. I also think that it was a lack of understanding what they were writing about. Even though, Aquinas is my favorite theologian and I enjoy reading his prayer for a student.

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