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Words to Live By

So, I have been listening to a lot of Mumford and Sons because of their new album that came out a month ago or maybe even more then a month ago entitled Babel. As most people know anything that is refer to as Mumford and Sons is words to live by. Importantly because I feel like they have a message that is geared towards life.

Mumford and Sons

Top List of Mumford and Sons song that I love:

1. Roll Away Your Stone 

Roll away your stone, I’ll roll away mine
Together we can see what we will find
Don’t leave me alone at this time,
For I am afraid of what I will discover inside

2. Sign No More 

Love that will not betray you, 
dismay or enslave you, 
It will set you free 
Be more like the man 
you were made to be. 
There is a design, 
An alignment to cry, 
At my heart you see, 
The beauty of love 
as it was made to be

3. After the Storm 

And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears.
And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.

And now I cling to what I knew
I saw exactly what was true
But oh no more.
That’s why I hold,
That’s why I hold with all I have.
That’s why I hold.

4. White Blank Page 

Can you lie next to her 
and give her your heart, your heart?
As well as your body
And can you lie next to her 
and confess your love, your love?
As well as your folly
And can you kneel before this king 
and say “I’m clean”, “I’m Clean”?

Lead me to the truth and I will follow you with my whole life
oh lead me to the truth and I will follow you with my whole life

I think that everyone should listen to this song before they get married/ commit to a relationship with someone. It is so wonderfully written. It speaks so much truth.

5. The Cave

Cause I need freedom now
And I need to know how
To live my life as it’s meant to be

And I will hold on hope
And I won’t let you choke
On the noose around your neck

And I’ll find strength in pain
And I will change my ways
I’ll know my name as it’s called again

7. Not with Haste 

Though I may speak some tongue of old
Or even spit out some holy word
I have no strength from which to speak
When you sit me down, and see I’m weak

We will run and scream
You will dance with me
They’ll fulfill our dreams and we’ll be free

8. Lover of the Light 

And in the middle of the night, I may watch you go
There’ll be no value in the strength of walls that I have grown
There’ll be no comfort in the shade of the shadows thrown
You may not trust the promises of the change I’ll show
But I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine

So love the one you hold
And I will be your gold
To have and to hold
A lover of the light

So love the one you hold
And I will be your gold
To have and to hold
A lover of the light

9. Babel

I should have known I was weaker from the start.
You’ll build your walls and I’ll play my bloody part.
To tear, tear them down.
Well I’m gonna tear, tear them down.
Know my weakness, know my voice.
I believe in grace and choice.
I know that perhaps my heart is farce but I know that I’ll be born without
A mask

10. Holland Road

So I was lost, go count the cost,
Before you go to the holland road,
With your heart like a stone you spared no time in lashing out,
And I knew your pain and the effect of my shame, but you cut me down, you cut me down,

And I will not tell the thoughts of hell
That carried me home from the Holland road
With my heart like a stone and I put up no fight
To your callous mind, and from your corner you rose to cut me down, you cut me down

I believe that Mumford and Sons paint an interesting view of what love is and what it means to live out love in everyday life. Not all there songs around about love and relationships but about life in general, one that is close to God and faith.

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Please, I beg of you come home

Put your dreams away for now/ I won’t see you for some time/ I am lost in my mind/ I get lost in my mind/ Mama once told me/ You’re already home where you feel loved/ I am lost in my mind/ I get lost in my mind (The Head and The Heart- Lost in My Mind)

Last night  was the first time I cried for my sister, the one who is strong, loving, kind, amazing, and awesome. We were talking on the phone, she was unable to sleep. It was hard. It was the first time that it became real how far away she is living. I want to get on a plane so badly and fly to Williamsburg and never let her go. She misses home a lot and she has been having a bad week. Problems with her fridge and with work. She is stressed. I can hear it in her voice. Moments of panic, doubt, and “did I make the right choice” clustered together in her frustrations. Even though, she is my older sister.  I want to explain to her, so badly, the ethics of having a soul. I want to hear her thoughts, ideas, and passions. I want to give her what I cannot give myself. I want to hear her stories, record them in my mind. To play back in the forms of quotes and hear the words of a young chef. I want to whisper with her in the night plans for the future and mutter, maybe even curse about the past.

I want to hug her and have her push me away. I want to physically hold her before she is physically pulled away from me in order to remind me of what I lose every time she leaves. It’s been six months since I last saw her. Actually it’s been three days. She was on Skype. In person, it has been six months. Sometimes,  I want to scream “that I can’t do this anymore”. I want to hear her call out “Baby Bear” for the room next door when she is looking for me. I want her to use up all the hot water in the shower. I need her. I need her half-smile that she gives, her know it all attitude, and the fighting over books. Most importantly I need her home, safe and sound.

Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air was of the true, wise true friend called Piggy (Lord of the Flies, William Golding)

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Define: Home

What defines a home? According to Google, home as a noun is a place where one lives permanently, esp. as a member of a family or household. As an adjective home means relating to the place where one lives: “your home address”. I feel like these definitions are too vague.

What is home to me? Home is a lot of places. The place where I am now is home, the house on Dixon Street, is where I permanently live. Room 646 was home, it was first place that I lived on my own. I have memories of trying to cook eggs in the microwave, failed craft projects, homework, tears, frustrations, where I wrote my papers, read books, listened to music, and dealt with the ever problem of the red ballon. I learned how to share a space with somebody else, how to trust somebody that I did not really know well, and think about hard issues.

Home over the years has been many places. Home started out in the first house we lived in, which was the house on Valley Street. It was a house that my parents built and it was the house that had the best porch ever. We moved when I was in the second grade to the house on Dixon Street. I remembered when we first moved being excited about stairs, the fish pond, a playroom, and the gazebo with the hot tub. This house has been where I have grown up and tried to figure out life. I have spent many nights trying to figure out what am I suppose to do with my life, telling stories to help me sleep, and sneaking the flashlight under the covers to finish a good book. This house is where everyone is, where my sisters and I seem to meet up. The common location.

Home could also be in California where my cousins lived for a short period of time. My family use to visit two or three times a year before we started school and before my cousins moved overseas. It was the house that I was afraid of mostly because I rolled down the stairs when I was five and hit the back of my head on the wood floors. I was also afraid of my Aunt and Uncle’s dog.

Is home the people or is it the physical properties that make up a home? Such this blanket that I am huddled under, the chairs in the playroom, or my room. Is home where my parents are or my apartment next year with roommates I don’t know? Where is home? What is home?


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Change of Heart and Mind

How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes/ I struggle to find any truth in your lies/ And now my heart stumbles on things I don’t know/ My weakness I feel I must finally show/ Lend me your hand and we’ll conquer them all/ But lend me your heart and I’ll just let you fall/ Lend me your eyes I can change what  you see/But your soul you must keep, totally free. (Mumford and Sons- Awake my Soul)

This is how I feel towards my major. Last night, as I laying awake trying to sleep. Which did not really happen. I was thinking about my future and how coming into college I knew that I wanted to be a neuroscience major. I have had my plan mapped out since I was 12. Neuroscience is not easy, sure, it comes easy to some people. I have struggled all semester to make the grade. I love the professors and feel blessed to have had such wonderful teachers. I have come to realize that Neuroscience is not for me. I love the brain, I love learning about mental disorders. I love reading about it. It is just something that I cannot do. It took me the whole semester to realize that.

I ended up changing my schedule around, I am taking a semester off from math and focusing on Anthropology- Forensic Science concentration. It sounds like fun. Sure, Neuroscience sounds like fun but Forensic Science sounds cool. There is a big difference between fun and cool. I have been doing a lot of reading about it over the last few weeks and feel that it is for me. It sounds like a good mix of sociology, biology, psychology, and stuff that I am interested in. Plus the people in the picture looked happy and that they loved what they were doing. It sounds like a good balance of fun and work. Something that I am lacking in my life. Neuroscience majors are suppose to have fun geeking out over the brain. This is about 1% of the time, no fun allowed. Ever. I plan to go talk to an adviser to get my major changed.

In the place of story and poetry

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Define: Music

My favorite thing about Google and possibly the best thing that I have discovered is that I just have to type in the words Define: [insert whatever I need to look up]. Sure, I am eliminating the need for a dictionary.

I have been thinking a lot of about music lately and how the lyrics tell a story. I have been really into folk music as of late, Mumford and Sons and The Head and The Heart. So I asked Google as I like to do to define music, what is music? Music is in fact a noun, pointing out the obvious. Definition: 1. The art of science of combing vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. 2. The vocal or instrumental sound produced in this way.

In my own words, Music is the art of combing both vocal and instrumental sounds to produce emotional response through the form or in the harmony. I like Word Press tag definition the best: “We’re melodic creatures, responding emotionally and physically to the lull of a siren’s heartache or the strum of a guitar.”

I have spent a lot of time at music festival, not really. I have been to a least two or three mostly Austin City Limits but I have been to a variety of concerts. I love the atmosphere, I love how everyone is gathered together to here one band play or see their favorite artist in real life. Here are some of my photos from experience raw live music.




Austin City Limits 2011


To Far away to see, thankful for giant screens


First college campus concert


Home is where the music will never stop playing


If the music is good,  you listen 


Lead singer of Switchfoot

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